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Vipera orlovi, Tuniyev et Ostrovskikh, 2001 - Orlov´s viper.
Vipera kaznakovi    - Kramer, 1961: 703 — 705 (part.).
Vipera kaznakovi    - Vedmederia et al, 1986: 55 - 56 (part.).
Vipera kaznakowi    - Orlov, Tuniyev, 1986: 121 (part.).
Vipera kaznakowi    - Orlov, Tuniyev, 1990: 1 - 36 (part.).
Vipera kaznakovi    - Nilson et al., 1995: 1 - 26 (part.).
Vipera orlo
vi                - Tuniyev, Ostrovskikh, 2001, Russ. J. Herp., 8, 2: 117 - 123. Terra typica: Papaj mount, Krasnodar region, Russia.

   Vipera orlovi, a viper with a general length of body about 550 - 650 mm and short tail (35 - 75 mm). There are ventral
scales 133 - 141(females), 126 - 134(males) - less number of ventrals must be noticed in comparison to other species
of kaznakovi-complex, (132 - 134(females) /Larsa D., 2007/), subcaudals: 27 - 34(females), 34 - 39(males).
Dorsal scales: 21-23.   

     Near 50% of specimens have brown tones in colouration but there are also vipers with green, grey, yellow, pink, orange and red tones. Zigzag is usually dark-brown but can be also black, dark-grey or dark-red, as well as bilineata and patternless specimens(most often females). The dorsal side of body is black or dark-brown, sometimes with small light spots. The tail have yellow tones with a dark underside. The head have more light colouration than the body and often have a "V" or "X"-like sign on the upper side. White or light-beige canthals and all or backside upper labials are typical for Vipera orlovi.



    Vipera orlovi is distributed on the both slopes of the lowest North-Western part of the Great Caucasian Ridge from Gelendzhik to the Big Pseashkho mount, its area placed to the North-West from the Vipera kaznakovi area and those two species integrate with each other on the area borders.

    Vipera orlovi habitats are various types of mediterranean and submediterranian landscapes: stony river valleys with light woods, steppe sites and meadows with stony habitats near light or dark pine woods in a range of heights 400 - 950 m a.s.l.



Vipera darevskii 

Vipera dinniki

Vipera kaznakovi 

Vipera magnifica 


New: Expedition-2008

 - the Malaja Laba river gorge, the Achishkho mount



   Vipera orlovi - orlov's viper






The same specimen after hibernation, 2008-04 :