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Vipera magnifica Tuniyev et Ostrovskikh, 2001.
Vipera kaznakovi,Kramer, 1961: 703 - 705 (part.).
Vipera kaznakovi - Vedmederia., 1986: 55 - 56 (part.).
Vipera kaznakowi - Orlov, tuniev 1986: 121 (part.).
Vipera kaznakowi - Orlov, Tuniyev, 1990: 1 - 36 (part.).
Vipera magnificaTuniyev, Ostrovskikh, 2001, Russ. J. Herp., 8, 2: 123. Terra typica: Krasnodar territory.

The description:
    A viper of the small sizes (length of a body of the observed adult male - 436 mm, length of a tail - 61 mm), differing from other Vipera kaznakovi complex species by the greatest number of ventral scales and scales on the upper part of the head. Number of ventral scales of females is 140 - 141, males 135 - 142; number of subcaudal pairs of scales of females 27 - 28 and 33 - 36 of males. There are 21 - 23 scales around of the middle of a body. Painting and colouration of relic viper are very similar from that Vipera dinniki, but less bright.

    The relic viper is widespread along a southern slope of Rocky area of Krasnodar territory. Probably, the specie will be found in Karachaevo-Circassia. The species was discribed from Malaja Laba river valley. 

    Habitats of a relic viper include so-called Belo-Labinski refugium of Kolkhidian biote and represent a mixture of various derivatives of Kolkhidian vegetation, with some Mediterranean elements, such as steppe vegetation. Biotope are presented by light oak woods with a grassy cover and areas with dry meadows and bushes on rocky ledges of calcareous files in a range of heights from 700 up to 1000 m above sea level. Terra typica: Shakhgirejevski gorge, Maly Bambak ridge.

     Vipera magnifica was observed and described just in 2001 that is why there is no any information about biology and ecology(way of living) of this species.


Vipera darevskii 

Vipera dinniki

Vipera kaznakovi 

Vipera orlovi


New: Expedition-2008

- the Malaja Laba river gorge, the Achishkho mount


Vipera magnifica - relic viper


 - the photo from A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES) official web-site,