Vipera(Pelias) dinniki captive breeding 

Photos: Pelias dinniki CB 2007,2008.

Pelias dinniki CB 2008-08-30 (photos by Josefina Skerk) :



  juveniles(cb2008-08-30)eating for the first time at the age of two days :







Vipera dinniki CB 2008-08-24 :





Pelias dinniki CB 2008-07:

















Pelias dinniki CB 2007(clutch 1) :













Pelias dinniki CB 2007(clutch 3) :





































- the Malaja Laba river gorge, the Achishkho mount


Pelias(Vipera) darevskii 

Pelias(Vipera) dinniki

Pelias(Vipera) kaznakovi 

Plias(Vipera) magnifica 

Pelias(Vipera) orlovi


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