the Caucasus 2008

Expedition to the North-Western Caucasus, throw the Caucasian State Biospheric Nature Reserve, the Malaja Laba river gorge, 26 of June - 14 of July.

 The results

Following species were observed :

1. Pelias(Vipera) kaznakovi : 0,1 adult, Achishkho mount.
2. Pelias(Vipera) dinniki : near 180 individuals, the    Achishkho mount, the Malaja Laba river gorge.
3. Pelias(Vipera) sp. : 2,6 adults/subadults, the Malaja Laba river gorge.


1. Pelias(Vipera) dinniki, the M. Laba river gorge






2. Pelias(Vipera) sp., the Malaja Laba gorge.

Pelias(Vipera) sp. subadult/adult females :





Pelias(Vipera) sp. subadult/adult male :




3. the Achishkho ridge



- the Malaja Laba gorge, 1800m.


























Pelias(Vipera) darevskii 

Pelias(Vipera) dinniki

Pelias(Vipera) kaznakovi 

Pelias(Vipera) magnifica 

Pelias(Vipera) orlovi   






Pelias(Vipera) dinniki                 habitats/terra typica :




















Pelias sp. habitats/terra typica :