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I love to write about men and women who face seemingly impossible obstacles as they contend with scoundrels and rogues and, often, their own worst enemies, themselves. Whether they live in Regency England, Antebellum America, or Contemporary times, I hope their stories entertain and inspire you. 




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October, 2018 

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 A widow harbors a runaway slave, breaking a family promise to end her dangerous abolitionist activities. When slave catchers terrorize her daughter, ignite murderous rage in one son, and leave another near death, she must deal with the deadly consequences of her actions. 

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A novel that tests our ability to forgive the unforgivable

When Olivia Fuller rebels against marrying William, the man her ailing father has chosen for her, he uses manipulation to gain her obedience. While she struggles with fear over her father’s declining health and guilt for her defiance, she is plagued by strange, recurring dreams. 

Meanwhile Benjamin Pratt, a carpenter, hired by Olivia’s father, and in love with her, finds an old, tattered diary hidden in a wall. Revealing its contents could destroy Olivia, but if he keeps its secrets, he could lose her forever.

Living during one of the darkest times in American history, Olivia has enjoyed a protected life as a minister’s daughter, but as scandalous truths come to light, a mysterious intruder may be the only one who can bring love and redemption to her shattered world.

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The Diary of Narcissa Dunn



A Kiss of Promise


Alaina has given up hope that Martin will return her love. She prepares to re-enter society’s social scene. Plans change when Harrington, her father’s business partner, appear and threatens her with blackmail. He reveals damaging evidence that could destroy her brother’s life unless she agrees to a ruse that will help him close a lucrative deal her father left unfinished when her father died. Sacrificing her respectability, she leaves London 

with him on a voyage to America as his fiance. When Martin discovers that the woman he’s left behind has been blackmailed and in imminent danger, he searches for her.  Despite Martin’s heroism, too many obstacles stand in the way of romance. Only a game of chance seems to be the answer in salvaging their love.  



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Martin.  He was there in the crowd, standing taller than those about him.  She watched his agile gait, his expression, one of expectation, even determination as he strode closer to where she stood. He hadn’t seen her. She clenched her fingers into the folds of her skirt—she didn’t know what to do. Should she call out, run to him, plead for his help, or hide?



                                        Regal Reward 

                                                     The Blackstone Saga Begins...


Marielle Henley, privileged and betrothed to Richard Craymore, has a secure future until her rebellion leads her into the path of the ruggedly handsome highwayman, York

Blackstone. York, the first son of an Earl, turned thief, lives to avenge his family’s demise. His captive’s beauty and her sauciness makes it difficult for him to keep his focus on the prize, a hefty ransom for her return; that is, until she reveals the name of her betrothed. He discovers that she can bring him something money can’t buy, his birthright lost to him when his father was falsely accused of treason.

 Marielle is unable to dismiss York’s contradictory behavior, one moment a tyrant, the next a gentleman, a much too attractive one. Is York Blackstone a fiendish rogue or the orphaned elder son of a once highly respected aristocrat?  York’s cunning and invulnerable nature, hardened by life on the streets, is tested by Marielle’s alluring presence, but he will stop at nothing or allow anyone, including his lovely captive, to divert him from avenging his father’s disgrace. 


York and his unlikely conspirators join together to bridge the gap between the power of the privileged and the determination of the discarded in society. York and Marielle’s passion for one another is seemingly lost in the web of conflicts. Could a meddling elderly aunt create the perfect plan to bring the two lovers back together?





A Convenient Pretense

a Regency Historical -Kindle ebook

Elaine Violette


Despite her adamant refusal to marry, Emily Grace Hughes must go to London for the remainder of the Season and find a suitable match.  She has only one dream, one she refuses to divulge since suitors have seen it as a mere hobby and have made light of it. Her passion is poetry and she desires to be a published poet. Marcus Deming, Earl of Pembridge, whose been

labeled a rake but considers himself a responsible one, must eventually marry but, egad, not for atleast another few years. When he does it will not be from the parade of women his Aunt Agatha parades before him.  After their two matchmaking aunts plot an introduction, Emily makes a desperate and outrageous suggestion, to create a pretense of courtship until the Season ends. The ruse is meant to protect them both from further interference or expectations but neither considered the need to protect their hearts.

While Emily’s Aunt Delia tries to uncover the reasons for her niece’s aversion towards marriage, Marcus prepares to declare his love. That is, until he finds one of her poems and believes it is a letter to a lover she has left behind in the country. Feeling deceived, he ends the pretense with casual indifference. 

When a letter arrives the following day with news that Emily’s father is gravely ill, she leaves London abruptly and without a word to Marcus. Marcus leaves for his country estate for the summer and attempts to continue his carefree life but she haunts his mind. He decides to visit her, as a friend, and out of concern for her father’s health, hoping at the same time he’ll find out more about this mysterious lover. 

            Instead, he finds Emily’s father near death, her household in upheaval and a devious cousin, her father’s heir, in control of everything Emily holds dear.  Marcus must unravel a series of mysteries before he can declare his love.  Emily must discard the lies she’s believed since childhood, or remain lost in her poetry and lost to love.   All pretenses must be revealed so a poetess’ passion can embrace an Earl and their love can become the closing line                          _____________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                              



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