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The objective with VinVantage's Project Contribution, is to reduce costs for spiritual organizations, while maintaining the fiscal integrity of VinVantage.

By leveraging nearly two decades in the copier business & operations consulting, we are donating 1 hour, which is normally billed at $350 for consultative services.  
Should the project take longer than 1 hour, the services shall be billed at 50% OFF.  Most organizations complete projects in less than 60 minutes.

One of these three will occur.
1) The organization's contract on their existing copier will be renegotiated for a cost reduction.
2) Change of copier to create a cost reduction.
3) Create a strategy for future copier cost reduction with a targeted strike date & price.

What's needed from you:
1) Current lease and/or maintenance expenses.
2) Current lease and/or maintenance contracts.
3) As many of the last year's usage or meter readings as possible.
Note: Copies of invoices & contracts are the easiest form.  Email or fax them to 888-519-2083

How may we support you?
Contact:   +1 415-209-0966        Ament@VinVantage.com