➨ Canon & Toshiba Service

Canon and Toshiba service for the Bay Area & Wine Country.  

Our service staff is locally dispatched and arrives in a matter of hours, not days.  We're here to care more about customer satisfaction than than purely the bottom line.  You see, without customer satisfaction we won't have a healthy bottom line.  Our intent is to create raving fans out of our customers.  When we go out of our way to support you through a copier crisis, you'll remember.  

If you're feeling like a number, not a serial number, not a phone number, not a street number... try out our factory authorized service.  We'll show up and do it right the first time! 

Beware of the acronym.  If your copier servicing company has changed from a company name to an acronym and it's "to better serve you"...hmm

The copier industry goes through cycles of conglomerate mergers & acquisitions.  Right now is one of those times in Northern California.  

Overseas manufacturers are often good at doing just that.  Manufacturing.  When they try to diversify from what they are good at in Japan and buy local servicing companies, then merge them into each other, well, this becomes a totally different business.  Servicing copiers in California offices is not building them in a factory in Asia.  

Frequent symptoms:
∙ Staff has changed.  Often long time employees are no longer there.
∙ Your service response time isn't as short as it used to be.
∙ Service technicians seem to be more stressed than in the past.
∙ It takes days to get the part in that your machine needs.
∙ Placing service call used to be simple.  Now you, the paying customer, must conform to your vendor's systems.
∙ Your copier vendor changed their name (e.g. NorCal Biz Machines to TLA (three letter acronym ;-)

How may we support you?
Contact:     415-209-0966        Ament@VinVantage.com