Jagtap Kaun Hain???

A Readers Digest version.....

Hi, I'm VINAY JAGTAP, if you haven't caught on yet. :) 

I live in this big city called Bengaluru. I like this place even though there's nothing much to do here.I'm content on staying coz it's where my friends are, where my memories are, it's where my life is.
I have been around the world and done that, but nothing beats - Home sweet home!!!

I am very humble and wish my friends do the talking for me  :-) After bribing my near and dear ones, here is what they have to say about me

  • He is very down to earth as well as uninhibited person.  --> Actually i lost a fortune to get him tell this!!!
  • He loves to have a good time --> This is all she could say after spending one whole day with me :-) 
  • I am a very social person and friends are important to me  -  I bribed no one for this....

My core skills are - Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V, Googling, pilfering open-source ( this needs extra talent) community.Keeps my employer happy and i get to fend for my family and myself

I love this computer thing which occupies a fair amount of my time. I am not surprised why my wifey thinks that its my first love ;-).

Musically,i love hip hops and soul and for some reason ,I've recently found myself listening to stand up comedies...

Bikes used to be my passion, then it turned to cars and now with all the traffic I am shifting gears to aircraft's...

Another important thing in my life is HUMOR -  its the one thing i do the most and still don't get do enough. 
Lastly, I’m not politically backed, I’m not getting paid for this blog and you don’t have to read what I am writing if you don’t like it.

Go BACK to where you came from ;-)