Traffic Tickets


So you got a ticket.  Now What?

If you received a traffic citation, you must respond to it within 10-days or by the report date as written on the ticket, by appearing (in person) at the location indicated on the citation.  Don't wait until the last possible day to respond.  Showing up late or on a saturday, or at the wrong Court claiming you didn't know or that you lost your ticket and then asking for someone to give you a letter saying you were there, doesn't work.  You need to appear at the proper court, by the proper day and time as written/printed on your ticket.  Once you report to the court, you may either:

 (1)-Pay the Fine


(2)-Request a Court Date. 

You may have other options available to you like Defensive Driving, so contact the court to see what is available. 

Don't guess, don't listen to the horror stories of others, and don't think you'll be forgotton.   Get accurate information by contacting the court. 
Which court to contact depends on who issued the citation.  The court information is always printed on your copy of the ticket so read it carefully. 

Going to the wrong court is not an excuse for being late.  
For Citations issued in our area by the:
 Village of Vinton Police - you must appear at the Vinton Municipal Court, 436 E. Vinton Rd.  915-886-5104
El Paso County Sheriff's Office  -  The Justice of the Peace Court Pct.7, 435 E. Vinton Rd.  915-886-2598
El Paso County Constable Pct.7  -  JP Court #7, 435 E. Vinton Rd.   915-886-2598
Anthony (TEXAS) Police Department  -  Anthony Municipal Court, 401 Wildcat, 915-886-3944 
The Texas Dept. of Public Safety (Texas State Troopers), State Game Wardens, and other enforcement agencies may file in any of these courts so read your copy carefully.  A contact phone number is always printed on your copy of the ticket.
 Please drive carefully

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