The Vinton Police Department is currently accepting applications for RESERVE (volunteer) officers.  Police Reserves are a vital component of the Police Department and we appreciate their efforts and service.  Full-time paid regular officers are selected from the reserve component as positions become available and as approved by Council.  Minimum qualifications include:
At least 21 years of age
Current Peace Officer License or Licensable (TCOLE)

Minimum 1-year peace officer experience preferred

No Felony Arrests (ever)
No Misdemeanor B or above, Arrests or Convictions within past 10 years
Must meet the current TCOLE licensing requirements
Must be of good moral character
Other restrictions apply.
As the reserve component grows, reserves will have their own command structure with Sergeant and Lieutenant positions which will allow for leadership and administrative experience and training. 
For more information contact:
Chief K.W. Mansion
915-886-3506 ext. 10

For a Vinton Police Application, Click here