Chief's Page

                                                                                  Chief  K.W. Mansion
In early 2009, the Village of Vinton, Texas  hired K.W. Mansion as Vinton’s first Police Chief and was assigned the task of creating its police department.   A veteran Texas Lawman and Master Peace Officer, Chief Mansion has more than 30 years in Texas law enforcement and more than 10 years as a Police Administrator.  As such, he is the senior chief in El Paso County.   When asked about tackling such a daunting task, Mansion said;
“There will be many challenges in building a department. Particularly in an area that historically has had a limited law enforcement presence. I look forward meeting and working with the community to create a department we can all be
proud of.” .   
This web site is part of our continuing efforts of reaching out to the community, to provide services, and to allow residents an opportunity to become involved with their local law enforcement.