Vintage Transit Map Collection

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Q: Who owns these maps?

A: My name is Jeffrey Ornstein. I have been collecting transit maps since I was a child.

Q: How did you acquire these maps?

A: For the New York maps, I used to ask for a map at the token booth everytime I rode the subway - no kidding. For the out-of-town maps, I mailed a New York City Subway map to other transit systems, and asked them to send me their system map in return. A lot of them did just that.

The best packages I received were from  London and San Francisco. This is going back to when I was a little kid in the 70's. Who knows if they'll do it today....

Q: What else can you tell us?

A: I hold a five year Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institutue and I work for the Design Department of a large governmental agency. I admire the various graphic designs presented in these maps.  These maps also represent a historical view of graphic art of the era of each individual map.