Vintage Transit Map and Related Memorabilia Collection

From the collection of an enthusiast:


Various rare and unusual subway, bus and commuter maps, as well as other interesting transit memorabilia


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 ******Part I: NEW YORK MAPS****** 

Click this link for:

New York City Subway - Massimo Vignelli Maps




Click this link for:

New York City Subway Maps 1927 to 1979 (Non Massimo Vignelli)




Click this link for:

New York City Subway Maps Since 1979





Click this link for:

 New York City Bus Maps







Click this link  for:

R-110, JFK Express and Miscellaneous NYCTA Brochures




** Part II: Various U.S. & Foreign Cities**


Click this link For:

 Non-New York City Transit Maps 


Other Interesting Transit and Transportation Stuff:


Click this link for:

SOAC (State of the Art Car)

 One of the most incredible subway cars ever built!


Click this link for:

Vintage Transit Manufacturer's Literature

 See Manufacturer's Brochures for a variety of railcars and buses


Click this link for:

Vintage Bus Festival Photos

 Held every year in Downtown Brooklyn!


 ------ SHIPS ------

Click this link for:

 Cruise Ship Photo Tours



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