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102 N. Walnut

Peabody, Kansas



Our home of some 30 years is an early 1900’s Victorian house listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, and is located in Peabody, Kansas.  Our antique shop, Cameo Rose Antiques, is just down the street and is also located in the Historic District in downtown Peabody.  Our small town is known for the charming Victorian appeal of our “1880’s Main Street”. If you travel through Kansas, we would love for you to visit us! Stop on by, enjoy a little shopping, relax and stroll through our peaceful downtown.


If there was an organization to treat those of us addicted to shopping for antiques, collectibles, and vintage bargains it should be called “Antiques Anonymous”, and we would be charter members of the club!  However, once you are addicted to collecting and accumulating vintage items, you can never really be cured.  So we would attend the Antiques Anonymous meetings, stand up and say “We are Antique-oholics”, and then go running out of there to get to the next farm auction, or estate sale, or yard sale, or antique mall and buy that next bargain treasure!


One of our auctioneer friends many years ago used to say “Speculate and accumulate” in his auctioneer chant. After more than 30 years of “speculation and accumulation”, we have gained a lot of knowledge in some areas and only a little knowledge in other areas, but we love everything vintage, antique, and collectible.  Our family members have suggested that our motto should be “We promise we have never thrown anything out, and we guarantee we never will”.


Visit us online at Vintage Moonbeams and Old China Dish Shop!




Our two online stores reflect our passion for collecting the unique and unusual.  We strive to offer quality items at competitive prices, and we always maintain high standards of customer service. We add items constantly to our online shops, so please come back to visit us often!

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