Lundby Love

The Lundby house extension arrived today in perfect condition. You ARE a fantastic packer. I have shipped many houses in years past, but you really take the top prize. Sellers can learn from you.
Thank you all the way around for your help and kindness. I really appreciate having this extension.
Carole – Ohio, USA
"I just unwrapped (and unwrapped) the house and it is gorgeous!!!!! Thank you so much, it arrived safe and sound with everything intact. Wonderful wrapping job."
Tina – Grafenwoehr, Germany 
"I am so excited about recreating this dollhouse for my daughter. Thank you so much for all your time, energy, expertise, and support! I never could have done it without you."
Barbara – New Jersey, USA
"Just received the Lundby house. It is everything you said it would be and more. It was shipped wonderfully. Thank you, again, for all of your help and knowledge and kindness."
Marilu – California, USA
"My cute little Lundby things arrived already today! They were packed super well. Thank you for all of your help and information. It is much appreciated."
Jennifer – Georgia, USA
"I am so pleased with the house, additions, and furniture. I really am utterly in awe of your packing skills. I have gotten a few things off eBay, and your items were of superior quality—well taken care of—I really appreciate it."
Carrie – Oregon, USA


"Everything is in great shape as usual! I'm always impressed by my items from you, as you're willing to answer questions and are so honest when describing the items you have for sale."
Linda – Virginia, USA
"The house arrived today directly to the door in beautiful condition. Thank you so very much for the careful way you packed it. I am a very happy Lundby collector! Thank you for researching all the couriers for me. Everything was perfect and I couldn't have asked for more."
Hayley – Victoria, Australia