Welcome to "Ask Jack", the vintage motorcycle resurrection assistance page. Hopefully, this will be the one source you need to help you get your vintage motorcycle up and running again! 
Cut to the chase now and download the reason you came to this site. Friends and the Art of Vintage Motorcycle Restoration is available for download under Forms and Docs Download page link on the lower left side of this website. With your help, we can clean this up and make a complete reference for vintage motorcycle restoration enthusiasts.
Bike Week is over and it's time to get back to making those bikes purr again.
Next race is April 24th at the Nashville SuperSpeedWay. Be there!
Get ready for the riding season, now!
My goal is to assist fellow restorers in their endeavor to bring back to life those motorcycles worthy of their efforts. With your help, we can make this a smooth and enjoyable process.
Submit your recommended changes and upgrades AFTER you have read the document, applied the informaton, and thought it through thoroughly. I do thank you.
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