The "Cheap Cheese" organ spans on four octaves plus one note:
Each octave has the following footages connected to keys:

Octave    Footage Note
C4 16', 8'  Highest
C3 16', 8', 4'  
C2 16', 8', 4', 2'  
C1  8', 4', 2' Bass Chord On 
C1  16' Monophonic Bass


Vibrato Bass Chords Organ Voices
This one enables the vibrato effect on the organ part when switched "ON". This one enables the lower organ part octave called "BASS CHORDS" to sounds along with the monophonic bass when switched "ON".   These are four organ stops, when one of these button is "ON" the corresponding organ stop is activated


Bass Volume
This knob controls the monophonic bass volume This knob controls the organ part volume This knob acts as a tone control for the organ part.

Status and Control LEDs

Midi Learn Midi Receive Panic
When activated, the midi learning mode is on.
Thus the first midi cc value received will be assigned to the last GUI control used.
This LED blinks when the instrument is receiving midi data. Clicking this LED will trigger a "Panic" which will stop all active bass and organ voices.