Important Documents

some documents which you find of your interest 

On this page you will find some free to download documents which include anything that i wish to put on like Academic projects, resumes, applications, presentations etc.

See if something interests you. Unless otherwise stated all material here is copyrighted to me or already is in public domain. You can use them without prior permission but (hopefully) with due acknowledgements!

  • Resumes [.pdf | .doc]
  • Recommendation [.jpg
  • Favorite Poem( लहरों से डरकर नौका पार नहीं होती) [.jpg]
  • My Projects
    • Job Shop Scheduler
    • News Recommender System
    • Semantic Similarity between Sentences
    • OPD section of Institute Hospital
  •  Paper on Urban Amenities on Rural Population(UARP) [.pdf]