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Here You can find links to anything on the web which I think are either interesting or informative. Keep browsing and see if you find something useful! These links open in a new window. If you want to notify me of dead or defunct links, or if you would like some interesting link to be included, let me Know.

Programming Code Information

Informative Resources

Multimedia Pages


Programming Code Information :



Code Project

GNU-C Library

GNU Documentations

Informative Resources :

Google Answers - Solution to all your problems!

How things works

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Maps(information road by road)

Tips for taking pictures

Is God an extra-terrestrial specie?

Multimedia Pages :


Download Hindi Movies Songs[Papuyaar | Pakfellows | Cool]

Download Movies[Bollywood | Youtube]

Entertainment :

Wallpapers [SantaBanta | Wallpapers | WebShots ]

Lots of optical illusions