Recorded CD's 

1.Taxijazz                                      CD."Old News"  2001 


Eyal Brand  - Tenor Saxophone,

Alon Barkai - Guitars,

Nadav - Jupiter, 

Shaul Eldman (Solly) - Drums,

Itai Datner - Acoustic Piano,

Vinnie Venkov - Ac.Bass,Bass Guitar


1.Yo-yo (Alon Barkai)

2.Green (Alon Barkai)

3.Alfie Theme (Sonny Rollins)

4.Moanin'(Bobby Timuns)

5.Old News (Alon BArkai)

6.Sewage (Eyal Brand)

7.Stinging Honey (Alon Barkai)

8.Sbarro (Alon Barkai & Eyal Brand)


2.Taxijazz                                      CD."Standarts"    2002                                     


Arik Strauss Piano,

Eyal Brand Tenor Saxophone,

Alon Barkai Guitar,

Yacov Mautner Drums,

Vinnie Venkov Ac.& Electric Bassses  


1.Take The "A" Train (D.Ellington)

2.Blue Monk (T.Monk)

3.Summertime (G.Gershwin)

4.Round Midnight (T.Monk)

5.Chega De Savdade (No More Blues) 

3.Shahar                  CD."My people,Your People"             2002 

4.Arik Strauss                                CD."Songs"       2002 


Arik Strauss Ac. & Electric Pianos,

Niv Appelboym Drums,

Elana Watson Vocal,

Vinnie Venkov Electric Bass  


3.Sai Baba  (Arik Strauss)

4.Love Is Soft And Tender Thing 

In This CD Vinnie was invited like gast Musician 

5.Vinnie Venkov Duo CD."Jazz Standarts"                          2005 

6.Vinnie Venkov Trio CD."Jazz Standarts II"                        2006









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