About Me: I grew up in Wheeling, IL (35 minutes northwest of the city).  Upon graduating from Wheeling High School, I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.  After switching majors several times (chemistry and math), I finally realized that my true interests were in the social sciences.  I graduated with a major in History and a minor in Secondary Education.  In addition to my BA in history, I also received an MA in Reading Education from Concordia University.  I was fortunate to find a job out of college at Rickover Naval Academy, a small CPS high school on the north side of the city (inside Senn High School).  While there, I taught numerous classes including World Studies, Early American History, Contemporary American History, AP United States History (APUSH), Sociology, Government, and Consumer Economics.  During my tenure at Rickover, I also coached soccer, basketball, led trips to Italy and Greece, and served as the Social Science Department Chair.  After six years at RNA, I decided to make a career move and join the Social Science department at Walter Payton College Prep.  I'm excited to start my fifth year at WPCP where I will be teaching Advanced Placement United States History, World Studies, and Psychology/Sociology (each class will be a semester long).  In addition, this will be my fourth year serving as the debate coach/teacher sponsor.

Why the Social Sciences? Many students have asked why I have chosen to teach the social sciences.  When I first decided to major in history in college, it was simply because I liked the subject matter; however, after delving into the subject and teaching for over a decade, I started to realize that the social sciences (US history, world studies, psychology, sociology) serve as a tool to not only develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills but are a vehicle to better understand the world in which we live.  My hope and my goal is that by understanding the concepts presented in class (both content and skills), students are better prepared to analyze and solve the problems of the 21st century.

Contact Information: I get to school most mornings at 7:15 am and leave at 4:30 pm.  You can come in during this time, no appointment necessary.  Also, I can be reached by e-mail at vevinluan@cps.edu (I typically stop checking e-mails at 9 pm during weeknights and don't check e-mails on the weekend until Sunday night).