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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees are the most reasonable in our area. We want to make a Christian Education  affordable to as many as possible. Compare VCA tuition to others and see the difference.

On-Campus Fee schedule for 2013-2014
Fees are to be remitted to
(Exception for full year payments made at the VCA office & K4&K5 remitted in the Day Care)
K4 & K5 Kindergarten Classes ( Half-Day -8Am-11:15AM)
Registration per Student per year: $50
Weekly Fees:  K4--$40. K5-- $50.   for 37 weeks
Weekly Fees for Classes & After class Care $70.00 Weekly
Includes Curriculum
Registation for On Campus students:  $150.00 each student
Fees include on year curriculum.
(72 Paces)
option #1__Full year payemnt:
    1st Student-- $2,250.00
    2nd Student-- $2,100.00
    3rd Student-- $2,000.00
Payment due by Aug. 1, 2013
Option #2__ Semester Payment
    1st Student__$1200.00
    2nd Student__$1150.00
    3rd-- Student__$1100.00
Payment Due on august 1st, 2013 & Dec.1st 2013
Option#3__ 10 Monthly payments
    1st Student__$250.00    
    2nd Student__$245.00
    3rd Stundent__$240.00
Payments are due the 1st of each month-(Aug.--May)
Additional Computer Elcetives Fees are $100.00 per course for those who are in High School level.
Home School Fee Schedule for 2013-2014
K4 & K5 Kindergarten Fees
Registration & Enrollment: $150 per year per student
Kindergarten Kit: $400.00 ( One time charge)
Adminstrative Fee: $200.00 per year
1st  Grade  Regristration and Kit Same as K4 & K5
Curriculum usage and Adminstrative Fee: $250.00
First year Registration Fees:
1 Student--$250.00, 2 Students-- $300.00,
3 Students__ $350.00
Registration includes the Application fee, diagnostic testing,
Parent orientation.
  Subsequent years; $150 for 1 student, $200 for 2 students, $250.00 for 3 students
The amount of your tuition is determined by the services we provide
Please look at the options below.
Option #1-- Weekly Testing and Reporting
$110.00 monthly per student, includes Administrative fees, curriculum usage fee for 75 paces per child per year. Up to 4 hours weekly on campus academic assistance.
Option #2 -- Quarterly Reporting (for those 20 miles or more away)
$90.00 Monthly per student, Fee incudes: Administrative Fee, Currriculum usage fee for 75 paces per year per child. Record keeping, & quarterly reports, + 4 hours of weekly on campus Academic Assistance.