Music Ministry

         We are thankful and blessed to be able to provide ministry and worship through music at First Vineland. Our music ministry involves all aspects of church music, including our Cathedral Choir, Handbells, and  Children's Choir. Our music ministry also directs children musicals and cantatas throughout the year. Special musical guests are often involved in our worship services including soloist, brass band, violinist, spanish guitarist, and harpist to name a few.
        The music leadership believes strongly that music is a form of worship and not performance-based, always focused on giving glory to God. There is room for you and your talents within the ministry music. If interested see Pat and Rich before or after worship. 
Practice Schedule...
       Memorial Anthems: If you have a loved one that has passed away and want to give a memorial gift in their memory consider donating a gift of a anthem for the choir to sing during worship. 
Upcoming Special Music and Worship: