For my CV click here, here is my google citations profile. Here is a list of my publications:

1. Journal articles

  1. "Open Multi-Agent Systems With Discrete States and Stochastic Interactions", V.S. Varma, C. Morarescu and D. Nesic, IEEE Control Systems Letters, Vol. 2, Issue 3, 375-380, 2018.
  2. "Marketing resource allocation in duopolies over social networks", V.S. Varma, C. Morarescu, S. Lasaulce and S. Martin, IEEE Control Systems Letters 2018 (accepted).
  3. "Discrete opinion dynamics of agents with binary actions and stochastic influence", V.S. Varma and C. Morarescu, submitted to TSNE 2018. (under revision)
  4.  "Using Continuous Power Modulation for Exchanging Local Channel State Information", C. Zhang, V.S. Varma and S. Lasaulce, IEEE Communications Letters, 2017 (accepted). 
  5. "Wireless Service Provider Selection and Bandwidth Resource Allocation in Multi-tier HCNs", C. Xu, M. Sheng, V.S. Varma and T.Q.S. Quek, IEEE Trans. on Communications, 2016. (accepted, published online DOI: 10.1109/TCOMM.2016.2613083)
  6. "Interference Coordination via Power Domain Channel Estimation", C. Zhang, V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce and R. Visoz, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, 2017. (accepted)
  7. "Cross-layer distributed power control: A repeated games formulation to improve the sum energy-efficiency"Mariem Mhiri; Vineeth S. Varma; Karim Cheikhrouhou; Samson Lasaulce; Abdelaziz Samet, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2015.1, 1-16, 2015.
  8. "Energy-Efficiency Analysis of Antenna Selection MIMO ARQ Systems over Nakagami-m Fading Channels", N.C Le, L.C. Tran, F. Safaei, V.S. Varma, IET Communications, 9.12, 1522-1530, 2015.
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  10. "An Energy Efficient Framework for the Analysis of MIMO Slow Fading Channels", V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, M. Debbah and S.E. Elayoubi, IEEE Trans. Signal Proc., Vol. 61. 10, pp: 2647-2659, 2013. 
  11. "Designing optical elements from isotropic materials by using transformation optics", M. Schmiele, V.S. Varma, C. Rockstuhl, and F. Lederer, Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 81, Issue 3, 2010. 

2. Conference papers

2018 (CNRS researcher at CRAN, France)

  1. "Space-time budget allocation for marketing over social networks", C. Morarescu , V.S. Varma, Lucian Busoniu and S. Lasaulce,  IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (ADHS) 2018.
  2. "Co-design of state-feedback controllers and stochastic transmission policies for linear wireless networked control systems", A.M.D Oliveira, V.S. Varma, R. Postoyan, C. Morarescu, J. Daafouz and O.L.V. Costa, IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (ADHS) 2018.
  3. "Periodic Radio Resource Allocation to Meet Latency and Reliability Requirements in 5G Networks", Y. Han, S.E. Elayoubi, A.G-Serrano, V.S. Varma and M. Messai, IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring) 2018.
  4. "Analysis and control of multi-leveled opinions spreading in social networks", V.S. Varma, C. Morarescu and Y. Hayel, American Control Conference (ACC) 2018.
  5. "Continuous-time opinion dynamics of agents with multi-leveled opinions and binary actions", V.S. Varma, Y. Hayel and C. Morarescu, IEEE INFOCOM 2018.

2017 (CNRS researcher at CRAN, France)

  1. "Quantification orientée objectif et application au contrôle de puissance", XXVIe Colloque GRETSI Traitement du Signal & des Images, Chao Zhang, Sara Berri, Samson Lasaulce, Vineeth Varma, Sophie Tarbouriech, GRETSI 2017, Sep 2017, Juan-les-Pins, France. 4p., 2017.
  2. "Opinion Dynamics Aware Marketing Strategies in Duopolies", V.S. Varma, C. Morarescu, S. Lasaulce and S. Martin, IEEE CDC 2017.
  3. "Modeling Stochastic Dynamics of Agents with Multi-leveled Opinions and Binary Actions", V.S. Varma and C. Morarescu, IEEE CDC 2017.
  4. "Emulation-based stabilization of networked control systems over WirelessHART", A.I. Maass, D. Nesic, R. Postoyan, P.M. Dower and V.S. Varma, IEEE CDC 2017.
  5. "Payoff-oriented quantization and application to power control", C. Zhang, N. Khalfet, S. Lasaulce, V.S. Varma and S. Tarbouriech, WiOpt (IEEE International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks), Paris, France, 2017.
  6. "Studying Node Cooperation in Reputation-Based Packet Forwarding within Mobile Ad hoc Networks", UNet 2017 (The Third International Symposium on Ubiquitous Networking), S. Berri, V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, M.S. Radjef, J. Daafouz, Casablanca, Morocco, 2017. (invited paper)
  7. "Robust Trajectory Planning for Robotic Communications under Fading Channels", UNet 2017 (The Third International Symposium on Ubiquitous Networking), D.B. Licea,. Berri, V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, J. Daafouz, M. Ghogho and D. McLernon, Casablanca, Morocco, 2017. (invited paper)

2016 (during post-doc at CRAN, France)

  1. "Trajectory planning for energy-efficient vehicles with communications constraints", D.B. Licea, V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, J. Daafouz and M. Ghogho, WINCOM (IEEE The International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications ), Fez, Morocco, 2016. (invited paper)
  2. "Energy efficient time-triggered control over wireless sensor/actuator networks", V.S. Varma and R. Postoyan, CDC (IEEE Conference on Decision and Control), Las Vegas: U.S.A., 2016.
  3. "Correlated Equilibria in Wireless Power Control Games", S. Berri, V.S. Varma and S. Lasaulce, NETGCOOP (International conference on NETwork Games, Control and OPtimization), Avignon, France 2016. (invited paper)
  4. "Robust power modulation for channel state information exchange", C. Zhang, V.S. Varma and S. Lasaulce, NETGCOOP (International conference on NETwork Games, COntrol and OPtimization), Avignon, France 2016. (invited paper)

2015 (during post-doc at SUTD, Singapore)
  1. "Power Modulation: Application to Inter-Cell Interference Coordination", V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, C. Zhang, R. Visoz, EURASIP European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2015). -invited paper
  2. "Congestion Games in Caching Enabled Heterogeneous Cellular Networks", V.S Varma and T.Q.S. Quek, IFIP Networking 2015.
  3. "A Hierarchical Game Approach to WSP Selection and Bandwidth Allocation in Multi-tier HCNs", C. Xu, V.S Varma, M. Sheng, T.Q.S. Quek, IEEE Globecom 2015.

2011-2014 (During PhD at LSS-Supélec and Orange Labs)
  1. "Impact of Mobility on Wirless Green Networks", V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce, M. Debbah and S.E. Elayoubi, EURASIP EUSIPCO 2011.
  2. "Cross-Layer Design for Green Power Control", Vineeth S Varma, Samson Lasaulce, Yezekael Hayel, Salah Eddine Elayoubi and Merouane Debbah, ICC 2012
  3. "A Flow Level Perspective on Base Station Power Allocation in Green Networks", V.S Varma, S.E. Elayoubi, S. Lasaulce and M. Debbah, VALUETOOLS 2012 (Best student paper award)
  4. "Mean Field Energy Games in Wireless Networks", F. Meriaux, V.S Varma, S. Lasaulce, IEEE Asilomar 2012 (invited paper)
  5. "On the benefits of repeated game models for green cross-layer power control in small cell", M. Mhiri, V.S Varma, M.L. Truest, S. Lasaulce and A. Samet,  BlackSeaComm 2013
  6. "On the Energy Efficiency of Virtual MIMO Systems", V.S Varma, S.E. Elayoubi, M. Debbah and S. Lasaulce, PIMRC Workshop - Green Cellular 2013
  7. "Green Power Control for large MIMO systems", V.S Varma, S. Lasaulce, M. Debbah and S.E. Elayoubi, Colloque Gretsi 2013
  8. "Physical Limits of point-to-point communication systems", B. Perabathini, M. Debbah, M. Kountouris and A. Conte, IEEE WiOpt 2014 - PhysCommNet Workshop. (invited paper)

3. Book Chapter


4. Patents

  1. "Optimization of Electrical Vehicle Charging Mechanisms Aided by a Fixed Battery", O. Beaude, C. Yann, V.S. Varma and F. Ben-Aicha. (to be filed, 2016)
  2. ""An efficient scheme for beam-forming in home base stations"  , V.S. Varma, S.E. Elayoubi and M. Debbah. No: EP2928227 (2015).
  3. "Virtual MIMO optimal antenna selection and sleep mode implementation"  , V.S. Varma, S.E. Elayoubi, M. Debbah and S. Lasaulce, No: 200113-FR (filed, 2014).
  4. "Coding information through power levels", V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce and R. Visoz, No: WO2015079174 (2015).
  5. "Sleep mode for network resources assisted by information from transportation system traffic detectors"  , V.S. Varma, S. Lasaulce and S.E. Elayoubi, No: 200047FR0-DM (filed, 2015).
  6. "Scheme for broadcasting and receiving accompanying data for TV/Radio", V.S. Varma and S.E. Elayoubi, EP2854415 (2015).

5. Thesis manuscript