Vindale Research

Most of the companies have their own research department that evaluates the respective company’s products, services and other endeavors. Some companies also seek help of outside agencies that carry out this evaluation task in an effective manner. Vindale Research is one such firm that specializes in evaluating the products and services of performing companies as well as that are new to the industry in the form of surveys.  

About Vindale Research

Vindale Research carries out different types of evaluation procedures on products that are yet to reach the market.   The most prominent types are trying out a product or service and filling up the survey forms. The members who register with Vindale Research are time and again sent with evaluations and surveys. They are aptly paid for the time and effort they spend against evaluating products and completing surveys. Vindale Research does not demand any joining fee but certain surveys entail acquisition charges. All the acquisition charges are repaid on completion of relevant surveys.

How it works?

In order to take part in surveys of Vindale Research, one must become its registered member. The registration process involves 3 steps which instruct you about taking paid surveys and with things that expand the scope of your earning. The members can take from a minimal amount of surveys to a larger amount. There will be new surveys every month and the survey notifications are sent via emails to members.

To take up surveys, members do not need any skill set further than fundamental computer skills. In order to become eligible to take up a survey, Vindale Research collects certain details from members before commencing the survey. The details include demographic information, age of the member, nationality, provinces and so on. Vindale Research claims that the personal information that they collect from the members are kept confidential. They also claim that the survey outputs are kept secret and used only for membership purposes.

Support for members

Vindale Research is totally against spamming. The emails sent by Vindale Research include a unsubscribe link which members can click if they do not want to receive mails any more. Vindale Research does not share the personal information of members with anyone.  The members of Vindale Research will benefit from - accessing different educational information, support for evaluating products as well as surveys and payments. Members can also directly contact Vindale Research through filling up special forms. All these services can be availed by logging into Vindale Research and accessing the account.

Members can claim payment when the amount in their account crosses $50 or more. The account page has the link for making the request for payment. Members with Paypal accounts can expect their payment with 24 hours of request and payment through checks may take up to ten days from the date of processing to arrive in the mail. 

Final Words

Vindale Research official website displays testimonials that vouch for their honesty in making payments. The membership is absolutely free and the members can have 24 hour access to the site. Join Vindale Research and take up umpteen numbers of surveys!