Adios a la vulgaridad




Op 5 maart 2011 zijn Gigolos opnieuw gevraagd gastheer te zijn van de "Icons bar" op hét indie & rock 'n' roll feest van 2011: Hindu Nights (Vooruit Gent). Het belooft wederom een waanzinnige nacht te worden met een fantastische line-up, verspreid over 2 zalen.

Gigolos hebben een bijzondere band met deze "hoogmis van het Belgische alternatieve nachtleven" (festivalnoise.be). We draaiden reeds op 5 edities, steeds voor een dolle massa én maakten er vrienden voor het leven. Hindu Nights was ook de aanzet om met The World Will Listen ons eigen party concept Icons (adios a la vulgaridad) te lanceren, waar deze Icons Bar dus een voortvloeisel van is. Waar de DJ's in de concertzaal eerder zullen opteren voor dansbare rock & indie (Kasabian, The Strokes, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Lilly and Amy, The Libertines, MGMT, Jet, Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, The Prodigy, La Roux, The Streets, Florence, Blur, Gossip, Bloc Party, The Drums …) kan de bezwete massa in onze bar loos gaan op rock & roll & soul zoals The Clash, The Ronettes, Del Shannon, Iggy Pop, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Jam, Rolling Stones, Count Five, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, The Smiths, Love, The Who, The Kinks, The Supremes, Martha Reeves, Buddy Holly …


00h15-01h00: Digsy    

01h00-01h30: Taous de Lille (FR)   
01h30-02h15: Peter Daeninck

02h15-03h15: Gigolos in Retirement  

03h15-04h00: Armand Bourgoignie     

04h00-05h00: Paul Gallagher (UK)     

Samen met jullie willen we de Vooruit graag vullen voor een nacht drinken, dansen & zingen! 

Tickets te koop hier, of in  Backdoor, Brooklyn, Fnac en Vooruit!

"Hindu Nights, übercool and always hopelessly sold out" (Studio Brussel)




ICONS²: 25th of July @ Make Up Club

The Ghent-based indie collective The World Will Listen teamed up with Make Up Club in April to launch a new clubconcept in Belgium: ICONS (Adios a la vulgaridad). The first edition in a sold out club left everyone wanting for more. ICONS is there for all girls & boys who like to dance their legs down to their knees to their musical icons, who see beauty in their favourite album sleeves, who have an eye for their idols fashion code ... a musical fusion between the Indie and Artrock episodes on BBC's fantastic 7 Ages of Rock series. What the world was waiting for, indeed!

And now they're back ...
So, again, expect a lot of great classics and new indie tunes, from The Smiths & Bowie to Franz Ferdinand & Arcade Fire mixed with great visuals and cool t-shirt designs. Basically, they put anything in their blender that has soul and where you can dance to, so don't be surprised to hear Belle & Sebastian, Velvet Underground, as well as Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

DJ's & artists are chosen to fit this concept. For this special ICONS 'Gentse Feesten'-edition The World Will Listen is very proud to present the following line-up:

Armand from Gand (DJ set) (an Icon in its own right, having been composer and member of some of Belgium's most influential bands such as Milk The Bishop and  Mad Dog Loose; still active in the music scene, he now also delivers great DJ sets)

Sidemen(live set) (a new but very promising  project by infamous musicians Mick Windey (ex-Cunzi, rock rally finalists) and Ghent-based Brit Malcolm McGinn - indie, but not as you know it)

Gigolos In Retirement (DJ set) (two local DJ brothers, courtesy of The World Will Listen. "The fuckin' Van Malderen bros"? Close! Much like the Soulwax brothers, these boys too share a passion for great tunes in different genres. One difference though: they're even better-looking)

Shine A Light (DJ set) (the man behind some of Make Up's most notorious clubnights such as Hindu Nights & Heebie Jeebies, who showed us all where cool indie music belongs: in a sweaty club, packed to the roof)

Bent Van Looy (DJ set) (we all love Das Pop and we love Bent; besides being the leadsinger in Belgium's best band, a gifted DJ as well)


Foto's ICONS 1 online!

Click here! (Make Up Club.be)

 Interview Indiestyle.be

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ICONS @ Make Up Club Ghent 28th of March 2009

Since we love their indie & rock 'n' roll nights so much The World Will Listen decided to team up with Make Up Ghent to launch a new party concept in their club: ICONS (Adios a la vulgaridad).
The first edition will take place on Saturday, March 28. Names already confirmed include DJ Bent Van Looy (Das Pop), Wolf VW (The Van Jets, Waldorf), P. (Hindu Nights), Armand From Gand & yours truly: Gigolos in Retirement (Vincent & Mich)