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My Discoveries of Hidden Images
in Van Gogh, Gauguin, Da Vinci, Paul Bril
Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Edvard Munch, Roeland  
Savery and Michelangelo paintings. 
From the year 1990 - Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat Fields with Cypresses 
to Michelangelo's Sistine Chaple paintings, year 2012.  
If I were to write a book, this would be the front cover 
Vincent's Dream - The Road Uphill
A journey's end; no shoes to mend

YouTube Video

Most of my research and studies were done from this web site.
Vincent Van Gogh Gallery
Site one
 Monsieur Vincent



Interesting... Very interesting
Was Van Gogh shot dead by a teenager in an accident?
Artist's suicide 'a myth', says art historians

Read more:
Starry Night
Museum of Modern Art
New York City
Vincent would say, Josh is one of my favorite painters. He sings with wonderful colors.

YouTube Video

Comments from people in the art world, about my discoveries of hidden images in Vincent's paintings and drawings, 
(Wheat Field series)
which  prove.. Vincent's figure is in Starry Night. 

Museum of Modern Art

Director Glenn D. Lowry and Executive Assistant, Deanna Caceres:
( Cosmos art, not Van Gogh discoveries )
" Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to view samples of your work. From what I have seen it is, indeed, very interesting.
 I am sure that you will have much continued success."
Mr. Jose Villarreal, Editor of Art Daily
"Valuable information"
North East Wales - Poem
Starry, Starry, Starry Night by Dennis Pelliccia
Valley of Dreams 
Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

September 6, 2000

Letter to me from Van gogh Museum 
They have  my research,  prints of my first discovery, portfolio of my Art Work and my biography, which Mr. Louis van Tilborgh, head Curator of Paintings requested.
He said... " The Van Gogh Museum will keep this material for its research files, Yours sincerely, Louis van Tilborgh."
My first Discover
Drawing, Wheat Field With Cypresses - Saint-Remy-June 1889


One of my favorite Van Gogh paintings
The Man is at Sea

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Vincent's Dream - The Road Uphill / My Research 

Part Two Starts here... 
posted messages from a former Yahoo Art Group called vanGogh's Cafe 
posted messages from a former Yahoo Art Group called vanGogh's Cafe
Started Aug. 10, 2000 ( message #528 ) till August 22, 2001 ( message )
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