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If you’ve ever wished you could have somebody else’s body, now you can! From the trio that brought you Sex. Drugs. Death. Disco in 2013 comes the 2010 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival script finalist, Member Dismembered. When Ken’s penis disappears into the Internet, his partner and friends embark on a surreal and often naked odyssey into interchangeable torsos, anonymous genitalia, a gigantic, atomic-penis straight out of the 1950’s, and the question: who are we, when we can be anything?
Produced by Rodney Shrader, Directed by Gary Zinter, and Written by Vincent Kovar. 18+

SEX DRUGS DEATH DISCO: The Michael Alig Story
In New York in the 90s, there were parties. And the parties were legendary. The Club Kids, as they would come to be known, not only ruled the club scene - they invaded the streets and the airwaves on daytime talk shows everywhere. 

In  the middle of this K-hole of glitter, sequins, and skin emerged Michael - a notorious club promoter, media personality, and eventually, New York's most beloved sociopath. SEX DRUGS DEATH DISCO invites you to delve into an iconic time period - a time when you were only as important as your last outfit (and chopping up your drug dealer was party conversation).

Come to the party! And see how it ends... 

Sex Drugs Death Disco was written by Vincent Kovar and envisioned for the stage by Rodney Shrader and Gary Zinter, the partnership most recently known for their successful runs of The Rocky Horror Show.

"Wave Boys" appeared again in Wilde Stories 2013, The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction
Edited by Steve Berman
"Okay, this is a revisit for me, since I read this story first in The Touch of the Sea, but this story reappears - and most deservedly so - in Wilde Stories 2013. I freaking love this story, and seeing it in this collection made me nod my head in agreement. Seriously, I looked like a bobblehead. A gay bobblehead on a bus.

In no way do I mean that to be a knock against any of the other tales in the book - they're all strong (which is the point of "Best" collections but particularly well done in this series). Kovar crafts a sea and kraken world unlike any I've ever read, and encapsulates it in its own language, culture, custom and feel in the space of a short story. These boys are rough and tumble, and live on the waves. Gatherings are made of boats lashed together, and the kraken demons are to be mocked as much as they are feared. The ships are more like gangs, and the document telling us this tale is a translation from a source I won't ruin - but I loved wondering who was behind it, and for what purpose?

And, of course, Kovar is also this incredible hunk, because what fun would it be to be jealous of someone's incredible world-building skills if they weren't also freaking gorgeous? No fun. That's how much..." ~Nathan Burgoine @ Redroom (

My short story, "William William" was chosen by Icarus Magazine, Spring 2013

Successful Kickstarter created to help fund Gay City Volume 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam


Touch of the Sea
Edited by Steve Berman

Includes my short story, "Wave Boys."

Greek myths held that Oceanus to be a massive river surrounding the land. A Titan, son of sky and earth, he was depicted as a handsome, muscular man whose torso ended in a scaled tail. As the Olympians emerged, Oceanus retreated, his domain restricted to strange and dangerous shores, the realm of sailors' fortunes and worries. So, too, are the eleven tales within the pages of The Touch of the Sea: fantastical, at times eerie, with sightings of mermen, water spirits, and sea beasts (even the fabled ''living island,'' the aspidochelone) as well as a smattering of pirates. What makes these stories memorable is that they affirm the masculinity of the sea, the taste of brine on another man's lips.


"...I found the adventure. It is there in The Bloated Woman by Jonathan Harper and in Wave Boys,Vincent Kovar's excellent seafaring adventure full of boys with tribal rituals, pent-up desires, a kraken, youthful aggression, pride and loss. This is my favorite story of the anthology due to the strong narrative voice, the excellent world building, and characters that drew me in from the first page. I wanted more of this story . . . just more."

"...Best of the bunch is easily Vincent Kovar's "Wave Boys" - a post apocalyptic tale featuring rival punk gangs who live on rafts/ships. The use of language is fantastic and creates a world dominated by youth culture. Think Waterworld meets A Clockwork Orange. The actual story is a mere snippet and I could quite happily have read a whole novel set in this universe."

"To create a world in a short story is very difficult. This is one of the reasons I so rarely try to use any world other than the one we live in (though I've been known to usually toss in some magic, psychic, or otherworldly extras). It's a fine line to walk between expository prose to clue in your reader and verisimilitude that stands on its own. 

Vincent Kovar has that line down and begging mercy.

The next story in my trip through THE TOUCH OF THE SEA is Vincent Kovar's "Wave Boys." In no way to I mean this to be a knock against any of the other tales in this collection (as they're all wonderful), but this was one of my favourites of the bunch. Kovar crafts a sea and kraken world unlike any I've ever read, and encapsulates it in its own language, culture, custom and feel in the space of a short story. These boys are rough and tumble, and live on the waves. Gatherings are made of boats lashed together, and the kraken demons are to be mocked as much as they are feared. The ships are more like gangs, and the document telling us this tale is a translation from a source I won't ruin - but I loved wondering who was behind it, and for what purpose?

This story exemplifies speculative fiction. Gold. Sunken gold, even."

Tales of the New Mexico Mythos: Weird Fiction from the Land of Enchantment (contributing writer)

Fifteen tales of weird fiction set in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico is home to many tales of horror and superstition. From La Llorona to aliens and even Bigfoot. Welcome to the weirder side of the Land of Enchantment. 

Includes Vincent's stories:
  • "No Smoking"
  • "Couldn't Be a Better Day"
 As with all such things, the book gets lost. Legends and lore grow about the powers of such a book, and men and women have searched for it for centuries in order to learn its dark secrets. The stories in this volume started out with a single premise: what if a Spanish Monk brought a book written by the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada to “The New World” in order to hide it? This book, “Jornada del Muerto”, contained all of the confessions made to Torquemada by the so-called heretics he tortured and murdered before commending their souls to God. What if the Pueblo Revolution of 1680 wasn't just about driving the Spanish out, but about the Native Americans sensing an evil presence and attempting to get rid of it before it could cause harm? Next, create a playground for the author's stories, the mythical town of Mystico, and cut them loose. Welcome to the weirder side of the Land of Enchantment.

"...the stories in this book are as varied as the tales of New Mexico itself. Other tales, such as Vincent Kovar’s “No Smoking”, immerse themselves in the background premise of the book to chilling effect."

Gay City: Volume 4- At Second Glance (series founder and volume co-editor with Eric Andrews-Katz)

"There are always at least two viewpoints to every story, and yet we usually only hear one. A different perspective can provide an entirely different story than the commonly known tale - the other side of the looking glass, so to speak,' said Gay City officials. 'This year, our anthology series continues with At Second Glance, dedicated to exploring those alternate angles.' 

As fans of the popular series would tell you, this edition was worth the wait! The Gay City anthologies are vibrant, multi-disciplinary collections comprised of fiction, comics, poetry, photography, and art. Works are crafted to support and raise awareness of the Gay City Health Project mission: to reduce HIV infection in King County through promoting communication, community, and self-esteem. Gay City Health Project is a multicultural Gay men's health organization and the premier provider of HIV and STD testing services in King County. Contributors do not need to be (and often aren't) Gay or male. While most of the work comes from contributors either in or closely connected to King County, they are bolstered by additional pieces from across the U.S. and abroad. 

Infection Monologues 2011

THE INFECTION MONOLOGUES RETURN (script editor/co-writer)

Gay City Health Project, with support from MOMS Pharmacy and US DHHS Region 10, is proud to announce the return of The Infection Monologues to Seattle. The Infection Monologues breaks new ground on the way we understand HIV infections, HIV stigma, and living with HIV, as well as challenges the way we think about the contemporary HIV experience.

Called a "powerful, timely, and well acted piece that undoubtedly benefits the gay community" by Seattle Gay Scene, and "funny and thought provoking" by the Seattle Gay News, The Infection Monologues is a touching, humorous, and ground breaking narrative on living with HIV more than thirty years into the epidemic. Written by Eric Rofes and Alex Garner, and first performed in San Francisco in 2005, the original script was significantly modified and expanded, with new characters added by local queer writers Vincent Kovar, Chad Goller-Sojourner, and Cole Arden Peake, and a new artistic vision from local queer director Manny Cawaling.

2011 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (Juror)
Three Dollar Bill Cinema provides access to films by, for, and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their families, and a forum for LGBT filmmakers to share and discuss their work with audiences. Our chief program is The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. The festival has been a part of the Greater Seattle LGBT community and beyond since 1996 and has become the largest festival of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The festival has garnered national recognition for showcasing extraordinary and award-winning work. The festival is also an important venue in the local Seattle film scene, and inspires members of our community to express their creativity through film and video.

A Study in Lavender: Queering Sherlock Holmes (contributor of "The Bride & The Bachelors")

"A Study in Lavender, edited by Joseph DeMarco, is a new anthology from Lethe Press that features a variety of queer-themed stories set in the Sherlock Holmes canon(s); some are (obviously) about Holmes and Watson’s relationship, but others deal with characters like Lestrade or focus on cases that involve queer folks...“The Bride and the Bachelors” by Vincent Kovar—Kovar’s tale is a story from Sherlock’s point of view, as he and Watson settle the case of a missing groom, who it turns out would much rather be a bride. The original bride is all right with that; arrangements are made for her to live with the happy couple in France, so each can get what they need most from the relationship: George gets to be Georgina with her lover, and the original bride gets a comfortable, happy life abroad with her “husband,” who is much more a friend..." --From

"I found "The Bride and the Bachelors" by Vincent Kovar particularly appealing. It is narrated by Holmes instead of Watson, and Mr. Kovar does an excellent job turning the usual viewpoint around, delving into the mind and emotions of Holmes, and looking at Watson from a third person perspective. Holmes' narrative includes more than its fair share of erudite and obscure words, but this seems quite appropriate for him to speak or think this way. Holmes' fondness for his friend is infused throughout the narrative, as is a bit of angst and a definite sense of humor."

Pulp Diction II PosterPulp Diction II- Pulp Sampler (playwright of "The Flood")


Pulp Diction II- Pulp Sampler was amazing. Thanks to the cast, crew and everyone in Portland for putting on such a great festival of short plays. I felt privileged to have my piece, "The Flood," included alongside such talented playwrightsTina Connolly, Ralph Greco, Jr., Bill Ratner, Jeremiah Benjamin, Brian Allard, Robin Pond, and Liz Argall.

This series of staged readings served up a “Pulp Sampler” where the audience could get some good food, good beer, and enjoy good new Pulp. The 2011 selections took us into the realms of the Steampunks, Clones, Small Town Secrets, Cyber Wars, Lovable Hoods, Murderous Teens, Aliens, Alternate Dimensions.... and much more. All the plays were hand-picked from over 80 new submissions from around the world and were featured as part of Portland, Oregon's city-wide Fertile Ground Festival. 


The Infection Monologues (script editor)

This sold-out show broke new ground on the way we understand HIV infections among gay men, HIV stigma, and living with HIV in 2010. Funny and thought provoking, The Infection Monologueschallenges the way we think about the contemporary HIV experience. 

  • Seattle Gay News: The Infection Monologues challenges our perception of HIV/AIDS


Fangoria Interview

October of 2010 saw me featured in a two-part interview with Fangoria Magazine's "Gay of the Dead" columnist, Sean Abley. We talked about the movie I played in some years back, Creatures from the Pink Lagoon. The piece came out just in time for the local zombie convention, ZomBcon.



HPLovecraftplaybill_front(2)Pickman's Model (co-writer) 

Open Circle Theatre continues it's annual tradition with the 8th installment of bringing HP Lovecraft's horror stories to the stage. It's the night of the unveiling of the latest painting, Ghoul Feeding, by Richard Upton Pickman, Seattle's self-proclaimed "premiere artiste morbid." But, after the painting is unveiled, it's met with terror, physical revulsion and insanity. In the wake of the scandal, Pickman vanishes leaving only questions: How is this connected to the other disappearances? What has Pickman been doing in the mysterious tunnels beneath the Old Seattle Underground? Vivian Thurber, Pickman's agent, and Danyeris Eliot, a photojournalist, can't rest until they find out, but what they discover threatens both their lives and their sanity.

Journeys Magazine (writer)
As a writer for "Journeys," the alumni magazine of Antioch University Seattle, I helped promote and connect the academic community through descriptions ofnew  programs and interviews with prestigious alumni.

The publication is available as a PDF for easy viewing and printing. Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3 or higher) is required. Click for a free download. Some of these files are sizable and may take a few minutes to download.


Gay City: Volume 3, RE-PULPED (editor/curator) 

In its third volume, Gay City Anthologies turns for inspiration to the "pulp" era of the 20th century. The early gay pulp novels were chewy, campy and often controversial, yet they signaled generations of gay and bi men that others like themselves existed; men who were dreaming of skimpy swimming suits, motorcycle jackets, cowboy hats and a world better than that they'd inherited. In Re-Pulped!, we include selections from nearly forgotten queer pioneers as well as works from today's most exciting new voices in fiction, photography, comic art and poetry. From romantic and wry to adventurous and edgy, this collection bursts through the boundaries of genre to redefine not only what gay was, but what it might yet be.

Short Play: Waiting (Playwright)

In May of 2010, my surrealist short play, "Waiting" was performed at the 4th Annual Stone Soup Playwrights' Festival


The perfect fit for Seattle’s only 1-act company, 2010’s festival brings 17 short, original scripts to the DownStage, including the award-winning "Crazy Eddy" by Bob Canning, & the eyebrow-raising "Clothing Optional" by James Lyle. From epic absurdity to the comically criminal & just about everything in between, audiences will experience themes ranging from destruction & plagiarism to nudity & second chances.

Set in the DownStage in mid-May, audiences will enjoy a selection of 10 scripts per show selected from over 300 submissions, both local and national, featuring the playwriting talents of Bob Canning, Dustin Engstrom, Barbara M. Harkness, Andrew R. Heinze, Vincent Kovar, John Longenbaugh, James Lyle, Joe W. Marciniak, James E. Marlow, Scotto Moore, Tom Moran, Lavinia Roberts, Rich Rubin, Peter Snoad and Carolynne Wilcox.

Script Finalist in the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (playwright)
On the last weekend of April, one of my short plays "Member Dismembered" was chosen as the finalist in the script category at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. The play explores love, loss and Internet dismemberment. 

@ Seattle Comedy Underground

Stand-Up Set at the Seattle Comedy Underground (comedian)
In April 2010 I performed a short stand-up set at the Seattle Comedy Underground.


VOL2Cover-Front-sm 128x160(1)

Gay City: Volume 2 (editor/curator)

In 1969, Stonewall launched a revolution in gay culture and its role in the modern world. Forty years later, Gay City: Volume 2celebrates this ongoing transformation with 69 pieces of queer-themed short stories, comics, poetry, photography and art. Contributors include multi-award winning author, Ursula K. Le Guin (The Lathe of Heaven, The Earthsea Trilogy); novelist, syndicated columnist and NPR commentator, Marc Acito (How I Paid for College); and acclaimed comic artist, Eric Orner (The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green) as well as many other established and emerging talents. More about Volume 2 can be found in:


Gay City Anthologies AudioBooks (editor/reader)

In 2009, Gay City Anthologies published the brilliant, Tyrobia Harshaw's short story, Final Moment of Illumination. Thanks, in part, to an artistic support grant from King County's 4Culture, we were able to record several stories--including Final Moment of Illumination--at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle. This recording is of me reading her work->

'mo Magazine (editor-at-large)

 ’mo was a free, monthly, full-color, printed magazine distributed throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. The magazine celebrated Seattle’s gay community by providing relevant local, regional and international content including: community, nightlife, shopping, love, sex, travel, service, faith, money, health, opinion, flavor, and more. Click here for a look back.


Gay City: Volume One (editor/curator)

A multi-disciplinary anthology of poetry, fiction, comic art and photography, this collection features work by Donna Barr, Michael Thomas Ford, Peter Pereira, Tom Spanbauer, Eric Orner and many others. As editor, I chose pieces that addressed the Gay City Health Project mission of building community, fostering communication and nurturing self-esteem. 


Creatures from the Pink Lagoon

 CREATURES-Poster-294x400Creatures from the Pink Lagoon (actor)

In a small town in 1967, plucky young sissy Phillip (Nick Garrison) is about to celebrate his birthday at the beach cottage owned by his best friend Stan (Lowell Deo). All of Phillip's friends are gathered for the festivities, including Stan's hunky-but-impulsive boyfriend Billy (Vincent Kovar), Billy's shy, nerdy cousin Joseph (Evan Mosher), and Randall (Philip D. Clarke), the chain-smoking, bitter queen of the bunch. Meanwhile, a horde of libidinous gay men - turned into ravenous flesh-eating zombies by toxic mosquitoes at a cruisy highway rest stop - are making their way towards our oblivious celebrants, eating every man in their path. More...


Thuglit: Hardcore Hardboiled (contributor)

From Publishers Weekly--Drawn from Robinson's online magazine Thuglit, these 25 mostly solid crime stories will largely appeal to those with a taste for explicit violence. (For others, one description of mutilated genitalia is likely to be more than enough.) The best entries rely on subtlety and spare character portraits to make their point. My own contribution "The All-Night Dentist"follows a man whose profession is the oral hygiene of the undead, as he plots the grisley murder of his ex-wife. Thuglit is lit-noir for those who like their fiction dark and gritty.  


  • "In one of the most unusual crime stories I've read, Vincent Kovar comes up with a reason for an "All-Night Dentist" to exist--really entertaining stuff." --
  • "I am not a vampire reading person but loved The All-Night Dentist story...DENTAL BITES: Vincent Kovar’s The All-Night Dentist= 9 pages are chock-full of dental. Most of whom this unnamed DDS are the undead aka vampires. He does have a late afternoon clinic to keep the IRS happy. He claims “Good DDSs are hard to find especially ones who are open all night.” The DDS also states, “You’ve probably heard that DDSs have the highest suicide rate of any profession. No one is quite sure why but we do seem to be a depressive lot, even those who get out into the sunshine with greater regularity than me. We spend a lot of time in the office with the DDS working on his patients. Kovar confirms a methmouth on 1 patient, & what the DDS does to fix it. We learn, as does the DDS, that vampires supernumerary cuspids fold down from the palate. Antonia’s lawyer’s paralegal calls & wants to set up a prophy appointment. Why? The nameless DDS’ wife Antonia has been fooling around. He wants her dead & asks a patient to do the deed. He does pay a high price for it."--


ellipsisEllipsis Magazine (contributor)

Sadly now defunct, Ellipsis Magazine was a premier venue for fresh new mine. My short-short story "Vivian in Early Mourning"describes an obsessive compulsive woman as she schemes to kill her husband over breakfast. 



hgecoverHot Gay Erotica (contributor)

Lambda Award–winning editor Richard Labonté leaves no fetish unfulfilled in this new collection of gay erotica. This steamy collection contains a wide range of erotic short stories for readers with a taste for sizzling storylines and uninhibited, unrepentant mansex. I always found it somewhat confusing that my short story "You've Heard of Itended up in an anthology of erotica as it is a rather cynical, melacholy tale. However, Labonté always puts together great collections so I was thrilled to be included in this book. 


hungryseattleHungry?Seattle (contributor)

"Let's eat!" is an appropriate anagram for Seattle, as the Hungry? Seattle dining guide proves with its foodies' tour of the town. From the Scandinavian settlers to the high-tech newcomers who have landed on the shores of the Emerald City, Seattle's food scene meets inhabitants' needs for a rich mix of artisan delicacies, ethnic dishes, and fine fusion cuisines, where eating well doesn't mean breaking the bank. Edited by my first writing mentor, the talented Roberta Cruger, the book is focused on great places to get a great meal for only $10-$15. I was priviledged to contribute several reviews and enjoyed every bite.

Seattle150Seattle: 150 Years of Progress (contributor)

I contributed several articles to this collection of city history and business/institutional profiles. The book frequently turns up as a corporate gift and has great selection of both old and new photographs






Blithe House Quarterly (contributor)

A quarterly literary magazine for queer short fiction. Every issue features 6 to 10 short stories. Blithe House publishes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered fiction not as a genre or a ghetto but as a literature that can stand by any other in its quality and innovation. 




One Real Story (contributor)

An online thinktank for creative writers. My short stories, "Jesse" and "Drink from Your Lips While Sleeping" can be found here.





SIFFbookcover2008 Seattle International Film Festival Guide (Assistant Editor and Contributing Writer)

Along withhelping to edit and produce this guide of more than 320 pages, I wrote film summaries for for 40 of the films including 881, Ask Not, Bad Habits, Baghead, Ballast, Bliss, Bottleshock, Boystown, Breakfast with Skit, Boystown, Brick Lane, Call me Troy, Choke, Dream Boy, Elegy, Empties, Faces, Female Agents, Go with Peace Jamile, Head On, Heartbeat Detector, In July, Jar City, La France, Late Bloomers, Mister Foe, On the Wings of Dreams, One-Hundred Nails, The Pope's Toilet, Saturn in Opposition, Sexy Beast, Sleept Dealer, The Art of Negative Thinking, The Girl by the Lake, The Wackness, This Way Up and Young Adam plus section headers and other copy.  


slgff2008 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Guide (contributor)

Wrote film summaries for the festival catalog to inform and motivate audiences.






PrideSeattle/Chicago Pride Magazine (Arts & Entertainment Editor/Feature Writer)

Here, I assisted with the editorial calender, created the PR outreach program, assigned and edited submissions in coordination with the editor-in-chief and submitted several pieces of my own writing. These included restaurant and book reviews, business profies, and feature personality interviews with figures like literary icon Gore VidalGolden Globe-winner Kimberely Peirce and many others.

(Playwright)Come enjoy the work of Seattle writers Scot Bastian, Ellen Covey, Josie De Lellis, Jeremy January, Chris Mathews, Frank Merritt, Vincent Kovar, John Ruoff, and Donna Van Norman, performed by an all-WARP cast that includes many of the writers as well as Shobhit Agarwal, Ricky Goodwin, Sarah Haskell, Scott Nelson, and Jeff Woodbridge. Performances are at the TPS Theatre 4 on the 4th floor of the Center House at the Seattle Center.

Short plays included "The Interview," "I Love Television," "Hot Air," "Voting," and "Oh, Lamour." Want to read them, you can buy the collection which includes these and others: Profanity, Politics, Murder & Sex

Ham for the Holidays (ensemble)

The seventh outrageously hammy revue script perpetrated by Lisa Koch and Peggy Platt (whose duo, Dos Fallopia, has a cult following exceeded only by Jim Jones), abetted by director Michael Oaks, musical director/actor/top-heavy drag queen D.J. Gommels, and Vincent Kovar in his first stage appearance in heels. I can tell you that the preview audience prevented actors from speaking for minutes at a time due to outright prolonged laughter at the sight of these clowns, before they could even open their mouths.Not that they're disinclined to open their mouths—or, in Platt's case, color waaaay outside the lines of her lips and make her mouth resemble the Mask of Tragedy while travestying Naomi Judd (to Koch's Wynonna) and cracking pungent bathroom jokes. I am also free to reveal that they have composed some lovely original tunes, including "Middle Aged Woman" ("I can't remember squat . . . there's a ringin' in my ears, and I tend to fart a lot"), and lots of new lyrics for standards, like "That's What Friends Are For" rewritten as a pointed send-up of ambiguously supportive gay male/ lesbian relations. The longest skits skewer Dick Cheney, Angry Housewives, the nonexistent Sequim Men's Chorus, and Condi Rice (who is, of course, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct). Platt, known for her plus-sized humor, appears to have stowed most of her weight in Gommel's overstuffed bra. Some of the writing is as funny as Dan Savage's update of The Misanthrope at Re-bar. But I'll not violate the Critic's Code by telling you just which performances I found most or least gut-busting. Let your own gut be your guide. TIM APPELO

The House of Yes (Director)

"House of Yes" by Wendy MacLeod, directed by Vincent Kovar,, Feb. 21, 1999

ALICE: Through the Looking Glass, Darkly (Playwright/Director)

The Cheshire Society in Seattle, WA held a weeklong celebration of the Lewis Carroll Centenary.  Alice lovers were invited to join in two events: the Mad Tea/Wonderland Ball and the run of the original stage-play ALICE: Through the Looking Glass, Darkly.  The Mad Tea and Wonderland Ball took place in the elegant Century Ballroom on the second floor of Capitol Hill’s Oddfellows’ Hall 915 E Pine St Seattle, WA 98122 on October 4th, 1998 from 5 pm to 10pm. With the Mad Tea lasting until 7, after which the Wonderland Ball began.