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Fangoria Interview

Posted by Sean Abley Oct 04, 2010

After interviewing Chris Diani, the writer/director of CREATURES FROM THE PINK LAGOON (get the links here), I knew I needed to speak to one of the film’s cast as well. So I set all journalistic ethics aside and picked the cutest guy from the ensemble, Vincent Kovar. (Cue angry e-mails from the rest of the actors…)

Kovar first appears in CREATURES wearing only a towel, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing we need to talk about. Thankfully for my readers, in addition to being an actor, he’s also a teacher and very prolific writer, topics that will allow me, once again, to appear as if I know what I’m doing during these interviews. (Fingers crossed.)

SEAN ABLEY: I look at your websites, and it’s obvious that you’re very smart and do smart things, like talk about books and gay history and math. What smart things are you up to these days?

VINCENT KOVAR: I’m teaching at Antioch University, University of Phoenix [branch campus] and Richard Hugo House [a literary arts center]. Mostly I teach writing, literature and film with a bit of gay studies thrown in. This fall, I will be introducing two new classes: Writing Ghost Stories and Writing Comedy. Maybe it’s weird, but I believe fear and laughter have a lot in common. I also believe fear and laughter share similar psychological underpinnings with sex.

ABLEY: I like where this is going...