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Vincent Joseph Notodescendant of Sicilian immigrants who became high-rise beam‑walkers, barkeeps, radio-news anchors, fashion designers, herb-farmers, restaurateurs, grocers, and civil engineers in North America, was raised at the northern end of the San Joaquin Valley of California—near the part Joan Didion dubbed “somewhere else” and which George Lucas over‑romanticized in American Graffiti. Noto studied film under Dr. Michael G. Tate and poetry with Pulitzer Prize winner and Poet Laureate of the United States, Philip Levine at CSU Fresno.  Noto has managed new and used bookstores, and taught in Central and Southern California public high schools. From 1993, until quite recently, Noto has lived in Southern California—Anaheim and Long Beach.  In the summer of  2013 he moved to Beaverton, Oregon with his ever-reading librarian fiancée, Melissa.  He enjoys nature walks, engages in autodidactic inquiries, and scribbles into a panoptic book about archetypes in literature and film.

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