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  • Geras ( Γῆρας)  
    This project aims to improve the quality of life of ageing people and to helping them  staying healthy, independent and active at work or in their community along their whole life.

  • MetaDONE  
    This project is developing a new metaCASE for building very efficiently new Domain Specific Modelling Languages (DSML). The main contribution of this project is the MetaDONE Tool with all its companion DSMLs.

  • DiCoMEF
    This project proposes a new framework to let software engineers share common EMF models and meta-models. Its supports models exchanges, comparisons, conflicts analysis, versioning, etc. A tool has been developed and is fully operational.

    This project designs a new iterative and transformational method for engineering software architectures.

Vincent Englebert,
23 Feb 2014, 02:21