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MP3 Sounds: 

All In the Family Theme Song 

Animal Sounds/Goose "Honk"

Animal Sounds/Mallard "Sqwak"

Archie Bunker - "You Are A Meathead"

Austin Powers/Frau Farbissina "Bring In The Fembots!!!"

Austin Powers/Patty O'Brien "Always After Me Lucky Charms"

Austin Powers/Patty O'Brien "Why Does Eveybody Laugh?"

Biff Tannen "Why don't you make like a tree... and Get outta here"

Beavis (as Cornholio) "Are You Threatening Me"

Beavis (as Cornholio) "Come Out With Your Pants Down!"

Beavis (as Cornholio) "Do You Have Any TP?"

Beavis (as Cornholio) "I am Cornholio, I need TP for My Bung Hole!"

Beavis (as Cornholio) "Would You Like To See My Bunghole?"

Life Call "I've Fallen and I can't get up"

Wendy's Hamburgers "Where's the Beef?"

Forrest Gump/Drill Sgt. "GUMP! You Must Be G**D*** Gifted"

Forrect Gump "I Gotta Pee"

Monty Python "African or European Swallow?"

Monty Python "I'll Bite Your Legs Off"

Monty Python "Bring a ... Shrubbery"

Monty Python "Bring ... Another Shrubbery"

Monty Python "Bring Out Your Dead"

Monty Python "Cut Down a Tree With a ... Herring"

Monty Python "I Don't Want To Go On The Cart"

Monty Python "Go Away, or I Shall Taunt You a Second Time"

Monty Python "Help Help, Im Being Repressed"

Monty Python "You'll Be Stone Dead in a Moment"

Monty Python "King Of The Who?"

Monty Python "Knight's Who Say... ecky ecky ..."

Monty Python "Knight's Who Say ...  Ni"

Monty Python "None Shall Pass"

Monty Python "Old Woman ... Man!"

Monty Python "She Turned Me Into a Newt"

Monty Python "That's No Ordinary Rabbit"

Monty Python "Two Empty Half's of Coconut ..."

Monty Python "Violence Inherent In The System"

Monty Python "It's a Question of Weight Ratio"

Monty Python "Your Mother Was a Hamster ..."

Monty Python "You're a Loony"

Jason Mewes/Jay "C*** Commander"

Jason Mewes/Jay "... a Fat Man In An Overcoat?"

Jason Mewes/Jay & Brodie "Tongue Song"

Jason Mewes/Jay "What Are You Waitin' For B**** Start Sucking!"

Jason Mewes/Jay "I Must Be the Craftiest MF"

Jason Mewes/Jay "F! The Police"

Jason Mewes/Jay "Gotsta Get Paid"

Jason Mewes/Jay "What the 'F' is the Internet?"

Jason Mewes/Jay "Oooh, The Internet"

Foghorn Leghorn "Lookahre"

Foghorn Leghorn "You Bother Me"

Daffy Duck "Just a ParBoiled Minute!"

Porky Pig "Last Time Im Gonna Warn You"

Roadrunner Tongue Sound

Speedy Gonzales "Yeehah Yeehah Andalay Andalay!"

Mighty Mouse/Man on the Moon Theme Song

Sam Kinison Official Scream

Office Space "Somebody's Having a Case Of The Mondays"

Office Space "I Believe You Have My Stapler"

Office Space "PC Load Letter?"

Office Space "Reasonable Volume"

Office Space "Samir Nagahe, Naga Nagonna Work Here Anymore"

Office Space "That Would Be Great"

Ren Hoek "You ... Fat Bloated Eediot!"

Ric Flair "To Be the Man... You Gotta Beat the Man!

Ric Flair "Wooooo!"

Rocky & Bullwinkle "Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Outta My Hat"

Sanford and Son "Theme Song"

Shrek "What Are You Doing In My Swamp?!"

Shrek "You're Going the Right Way For a Smaked Bottom"

Shrek/Gingerbread Man "Not My Gumdrop Buttons!"

Sling Blade "Allright Then"

Sling Blade "It Ain't Got No Gas In It"

Spinal Tap "18" Stonehenge"

Spinal Tap "1900 Hours"

Spinal Tap "We Have Armadillos In Our Trousers"

Spinal Tap "Extra Push Over The Cliff"

Spinal Tap "Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever"

Spinal Tap "Practical Question"

Spinal Tap "Preserved Moose"

Spinal Tap "Shark Sandwich"

Spinal Tap "Let's Talk About Your Reviews For a Moment"

Spinal Tap "These Go To 11"

Star Wars/C3PO "We're Doomed"

Star Wars/R2D2 "Squak"

Star Wars/Chewbacca "Wookie Growl"

Star Wars/Greedo "Going Somewhere Solo?"

Star Wars/Jawa "Scream"

Star Wars/Droid "Droid Sound"

Star Wars/Stormtrooper "Set For Stun"

The Three Stooges Curly Noise

The Three Stooges "Tryin' To Give Me The Doubletalk"

The Three Stooges "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine"

The Three Stooges "Oooh, Larry Cheese!"

The Three Stooges "Nyuc- Nyuc- Nyuc- (bonk), ooooh!"

The Three Stooges "Nyuc"

The Three Stooges "Sointaintly!"

The Three Stooges "Im Tryin' To Think But Nothin' Happens"

The Three Stooges "Why Take a Bath, It's Not Saturday"

The Three Stooges "Wise Guy- Aye?"

Super Chicken Cavalry Call

Homer Simpson 32 Dohs

Welcom Back Kotter/Arnold Horshack "Ooooo-Ooooo"

UHF Conan the Librarian

Howard Stern-Private Parts/Ben Stern "You're a Moron"