Pic of the Day

Not all are originals (in fact most are stolen)

 I Love Country Music?


Now thats one BIG BIRD!


Luchadores ignore the INS!



 My life in a nut shell...



  Internet Explorer... my favorite [vomits]

Got this on when I was at work... kinda vague don't ya think ?


A Pour Master in Training

The Guinness QA has began 

 A Shitty place to stay

Can wait to meet the women.....


MacGyver ... never fear!


See following image...




Aguilera qualifies for a triple HOT DAMN!




Just like it reads... actually available on the CA DMV website.




 The "Atomic Wedgie"


Thanks Gizmodo



This godamned thing is called the HotDoll


Meet the Hamburgular "Robble Robble!"