Welcome to "VINAYAK"   Food   Center

     The "VINAYAK" Food Center is family owned food center to serve your family’s needs at Nadives, Miraj Dist. Sangli

The importance of food processing

                                                    A] It helps to preserve food & extend the shelf life. 

                                                                B] Many foods are inedible unless processed in some manner (coffee, cocoa) 

                                                                            C] Some foods would be difficult for the consumer to make themselves (how many of us could make olive oil, butter, etc.). 

                                                                                        D] Food processing such as pasteurization destroys toxins that could make us sick. 

                                                                                                F] The processing of food allows it to be packaged, shipped long distances, and used in many unusual circumstances 
                                                                                                     (freeze drying for camping foods, military use, etc.)

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