Asian Restaurant

is a family owned restaurant and has been opened since August of 2002. We are proud to serve Spokane Washington for the past 8 years  and we appreciate all of our customer's support. We have a wide variety of Asian foods starting from the sizzling hot plates to the warm and delicious soup that is right for any season. We look forward to serve you the best Pho Soup in town.

What we have to offer...

If you haven't been to Vina's yet here's an insight on what we have but, you have to come in for yourself to see what we have to offer.

We have the
best Vietnamese Soup in town made from scratch every day fresh for you to order. If you're looking for something that will serve 4 or more people we have a variety of Hot Pots for you with dishes of seafood, meats, vegetables, and noodles for you to make your own.

We're getting ahead of ourselves aren't we? Let's get started with our appetizers. We have fresh Spring rolls which has a variety of vegetables with shrimp and pork along with noodles all rolled up in a beautiful rice paper wrap served with a lightly flavored peanut sauce. Egg rolls are dish that you can not miss in an Asian cuisine. Vietnamese egg rolls are made with noodles and pork with an egg wrap while the Chinese egg rolls are made with chicken and vegetables both are wrapped in a beautiful roll.

For those who love spicy and party foods we offer dishes on hot plates that sizzle when they reach your table, these dishes can range from mild to very hot and spicy depending on your taste. We have dishes of seafood like shrimp that are salt and peppered, seasoned to please your taste buds. You will be pleased with these dishes.

We also have our waitresses ready to bring you your food with a smile and they make sure that you have the best Asian Cuisine Experience that you can possibly imagine.