Vladimir Ivanovich Man'ko
PhD & DSc (Physics and Mathematics) 
Chief Researcher of P.N. Lebedev Physical 
Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor of 
Chair of Theoretical Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
Member of New York Academy of Sciences

Education and affiliations

  • 1947-1957: high-school student (graduated with the Siver Medal);
  • 1957-1963: student of the Physics Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chair of Theoretical Physics, headed by Prof. N.N. Bogolyubov;
  • 1961: passed the Landau Theoretical Minimum Examination and was accepted as Diploma student to the Landau Theoretical Group under supervision of Prof. I. Dzyaloshinsky;
  • 1963: defended the Diploma work Hidden antiferromagnetism in cubic crystals;
  • 1963: PhD student at the P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • 1966: defended the PhD thesis Some aspects of applying group-theoretical methods in physics, P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute;
  • 1966-present time: permanent research position at the P.N. Lebedev Physcs Institute (current position: Chief Researcher);
  • 1972: defended the Habilitation thesis Dynamical symmetries and coherent states of quantum systems, P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute;
  • 1968-present time: extra position at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1968-1980: Assistant Professor; 1980-1989: Associated Professor; 1989-present time: Full Professor, Chair of Theoretical Physics); Exercise courses in theoretical physics and lectures on quantum mechanics and field theory for students of 3-4 years; facultative courses "Path Integral" and "Applications of Group Representation Theory".

Professional activities

  • Author of more than 300 scientific articles in Russian and International scientific journals;
  • Coorganizer of more that 15 international conferences with publishing the Conference Proceedings;
  • Member of New York Academy of Sciences (since 1994);
  • Member of Standing Committee of the International Colloquium "Group Theoretical Methods in Physics" (since 1976);
  • Member of the Institute of Physics, Bristol (since 2002);
  • Editor of the International Journal on Group Theory in Physics (1989-1997);
  • Vice-Editor of Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics (current position).

International invitations

  • 1968-2004: visits (invited talks, joint reasearch) to Universities and scientific institutions of Germany, Italy, USA, France, Poland, Mexico, Venesuela, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, VietNam, Bulgaria, South Korea, including: Harvard University (1980), Princeton University (1992), USA; Universities of Rome, Milano, Salerno, Pavia, Camerino, Naples and ICTP (Trieste), Italy; Universities of Ulm, Essen, Bielefeld, Berlin, Tubingen, Dortmund, Clausthal, Munich, Konstanz, Manheim and Garching, Germany; University of Lisbon and Funchalin Portugal;
  • 1992-1993: research position at INFN, Sez. di Napoli (Italy). 

Supervision oPhD and MS theses

PhD theses:
D. Trifonov, E. Doktorov, V. Dodonov, E. Kurmyshev, S. Krivoshlykov, S. Chumakov, A. L'vov, E. Akhundova, A. Zhuk, A. Mamedov, D. Ossipov, A. Klimov, M.R. Bazrafkan 

MS theses:
V. Andreev, I. Prokopenia, V. Semenov, O. Shahmistova, A. Shustov, I. Lavrinenko, Ya. Korennoy, E. Mukhin, P. Polynkin, K. Vershinin, S.S. Safonov and E.V. Shukin

Citation indices

Citation index: 11238, Hirsch index: 48, i10-index: 214, according to Google Scholar

Personal and contact information

Date and place of birth: 02 April, 1940, Moscow, Russia

Professional Address : P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute, Leninskiy prospekt 53, Moscow, Russia

Tel: +7(499) 132-15-50 Email: manko@sci.lebedev.ru