For applicants

There are five levels of citizenship in Res Publica Romana to suit different needs of activity. To become full citizen of RPR you need to go through a learning process, cursus civium. This ensures that our citizens are active and motivated. Not everyone wants to become a full citizen, so there's no need to worry: you can be active and be part of RPR even while not being a full citizen.

Guests and friends

The first step needs no special action from your part: anyone can be a peregrinus - literally a foreigner or a guest in RPR. You can join our open mailing lists, Facebook or other groups or take part open meetings. You don't have right to take part into votings or administration, but you can meet us, take part into discussions and do Roman things.

If you belong into an organisation that is recognised by the RPR, you are automatically recognised as a socius - a friend of RPR. You have the same rights as a peregrinus.

How to become a guest or friend?

It's easy, just sign up into our mailing list or Facebook group! You don't need to do anything else.

Cursus Civium - being a citizen of RPR

First level of citizenship is cives latinus - a supporting member of RPR. To become a cives latinus, you need to apply for citizenshippay membership fee and be at least 18 years of age. As a cives latinus you have right to attend and speak at the General Assembly, but not vote.

The second level of citizenship is cives sine suffragio - a probationary member of RPR. You must be a cives latinum for a year before you automatically become a cives sine suffragio.

The full citizenship cives romanus - Roman citizen, can achieved after a being a year cives sine suffragio, if you want it and if the censores decide to grant you a citizenship. As a full citizen you can take part into votings, step up as candidate in elections and be in every other way a full citizen of RPR.

More information about being a citizen in RPR and civic rights and duties can be found here.

How to become a citizen?

Please fill in your citizenship application. In order to complete the form you need to choose a Roman name for yourself. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by censores and they guide you from then on.
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