Johnny Appleseed Regenesis Plan

American poet Joyce Kilmer captured the sentiment many associate with trees when he wrote... I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. Trees do more than just look pretty; they add beauty to their entire surroundings. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than in an urban setting.

Here, trees add color and texture, typically softening the harsh lines of buildings and streets, screening unsightly views, and providing privacy, shade and a sense of solitude. And, this is only the beginning. That's because trees in the city contribute wide-ranging social, economic and ecological services and benefits that make our communities more livable. In fact, many cities and towns in the United States and elsewhere in the world take great pride in describing themselves by their trees and urban forests.

The Johnny Appleseed Regenesis Plan is to help replenish not just apple trees in urban and rural areas, but all fruit and nut bearing trees as well. Thus bringing fresh fruit to the urban environment.

The Johnny Appleseed Regenesis Plan also encourages the participants to plant all manner of helpful and healthful herbs in their surrounding environment. The plan also leads the members to garden by committing to community gardens.

This teaches all to leave their communities more beautiful and more useful than they found it. Leaving something and planning for those who follow. Teaching this concept of thinking about and planning for seven generations either forward or back. Not just thinking about oneself.