The Global Village ~

Your connection for a world
of intentional communities
and the ecologically minded.

       "Be the Solution"

The Global Village is designed and dedicated to furthering the realization of who we are. Learning to create our own sustainable space. No longer depending on others to do what we should be doing for ourselves. Taking responsibility, practicing proper and appropriate behavior. No longer settling for the scraps of life, but learning to live harmoniously with like minded people.

We work to accomplish this through education, social and environmental programs, and the support, creation, practical application and distribution of healing foods, visionary art, music, entertainment, information, technologies, services, events, celebrations, communities and physical spaces.

We dream of a world where our work is appreciated, and we as a people are honored. Where we create business and jobs for ourselves and our children.

  • a world where there is no need to remind people how to live sustainably
  • a world where there are no hungry people to feed
  • a world where the term organic has been forgotten because everything naturally is
  • a world where the environment is free of pollution and toxins
  • a world where no one talks about living in peace and harmony because we are already doing it.
  • a Living Oasis for our people!
                            No Limits!

We welcome you to join us in this vision.