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2011 : Haiti Relief
Six short films show the women's group in Northern Haiti, for whom VOS Canada have bought water filters.

2011 : Eco Femme Empowerment Programme

a film made by Brian for Auroville Village Action Group.
An innovative project addressing women's empowerment, personal hygiene and health, and sustainable development through this eco-friendly social enterprise.

2011 :Women's Clubs
a film made by Lesley Brannigan for Auroville Village Action Group

2010 : Moving On
A 7min film showing our final projects in the villages and how we are moving on to support community projects.

2010 : Wasteville

A 10min film showing the plight of the Narikurava Gypsy Tribe of Pondicherry

2008 : Changing Lives
A 15min film shows the people whose lives have been changed.

Part 1

Part 2

2007 : A Tale of Two Ladies and Ten Udders

2004 : The Tsunami clearup (Diana talks to CBC)

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