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Villages create a variety of more or less perpetual documents. Some actions are merely recorded in the minutes, others codify resolutions, policies, and laws. As they become available, laws of the Village will be made available here. Please note that the New York State Municipal Code provided by FindLaw, contains the codified laws that govern the Village. An alternative, which may be easier to use is LawServer.

Newer documents are easily converted to PDF, but older documents must be scanned, and we are working on it. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact the Village Clerk.

Local Laws (LL) of 1999 #1-4 primarily pertain to sidewalks. LL #3 of 2001 regards building demolition. LL #1 of 2014 restricts operation of off road vehicles. LL#1 of 2006 regards water system regulations.