Vision and Mission

To break the cycle of incarceration and to inspire hope in the lives of children that have been impacted by the incarceration of a parent.

To positively impact the daily lives of children with incarcerated parents through collective mentoring.

Project Elements

  • Recruitment of middle school students, 6th–8th grades, are provided structured learning experiences.

  • Collaboration and partnership with community organizations to inform and support project objectives.

  • Expanded Horizons are monthly excursions intended to open the minds of children to greater world opportunities. Examples include exposure to San Diego’s governmental, cultural and business communities where students become aware of community resources and career options.

  • Monthly workshops offer focused examination of personal and social challenges that can lead to self-defeating, antisocial, and illegal activities. Students then get into action, practicing behaviors and styles of communication that augment their growth and inspire them to reach beyond their perceived limits.

  • Annual summer camp retreat includes team-building, self-esteem enhancement, developmental workshops, and recreational activities.

Project Objectives

  1. Reduce incidence of violent behaviors
  2. Reduce use of drugs and alcohol
  3. Improve school attendance
  4. Improve self-confidence
  5. Increase hopeful attitude about their future
  6. Improve academic performance and classroom behavior
  7. Improve communication with peers and adults

Measuring Project Objectives

There is on-going formal and informal assessment and evaluation to ensure the program meets its objectives and benefits the youth we serve. Villagers are assessed before they start the program and at predetermined intervals throughout the program. In partnership with the school, four assessment tools are used that measure school achievement and behavior, self-esteem, and hope.