Fire & Rescue Volunteers Needed

Everyone needs to be aware of the changes that are happening to local fire and rescue departments and how this will effect us all. There are fewer volunteers coming forward and some of the current members are getting close to retiring.  We are used to having fire and rescue right here and able to respond quickly. If we lose our departments locally that will change things dramatically. We really need people to step up and volunteer. Please contact Joe Moller at 402-799-2385 to get more information about volunteering.

Car Crush Video

The Big Foot car crush video from the 125th Celebration can be viewed by clicking on the car crush link on the side under 125th Celebration. 

Storm Siren

When a funnel cloud is spotted the siren is sounded and will continue to sound until the threat is gone. As soon as a funnel cloud touches down it is then a tornado. When the threat passes the sirens will quit going off. There is no all clear signal sounded.

Douglas Alumni Cups

A big thanks to Leonard and Tracy Hernandez who donated cups that have a picture of the High School on one side and our Eagle mascot on the other side. I have them at the Village Office so stop in and get one.

Douglas Alumni Association Facebook Page Created

Check out the Douglas Alumni Association's Facebook page and be sure to like.

Otoe County Home-owner's rehabilitation program

There is housing rehabilitation assistance available to qualifying homeowners within the city limits of all Otoe County Municipalities. Information will be sent out with the October newsletters and applications are available at the Village Office.


Photos from the celebration

A slideshow of photos from the 125th celebration can be viewed by clicking on the Pictures from the Celebration link on the left side under 125th Celebration.

125th Celebration Information

Cookbooks and T-shirts:  We still have cookbooks for sale at the Village Office for $15. T-shirts are on display at the Village Office and there are a few left for sale. Douglas History DVDs also available for $12.


Douglas sign

We will be finishing up the landscaping around the sign soon.

Please take pride in your community

Make Douglas an even better place to live.  Keep your dogs on a leash or inside a fence at all times.  Keep your house and yard looking nice.  Please no trash, or junk cars in front of your house.  We are trying hard to clean up around town and make it inviting to people looking for a small, safe town close to work.  Thank you for your efforts and cooperation.  I

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