Solar Energy Investments

Village Energy provides full-service solar energy solutions that are a smart investment in your home.  Research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab shows homes adding solar energy systems increase in resale value by an average of $18,600*.  This translates to a $0.84 increase in resale value for every $1.00 invested. Additionally that same system may save you $575 per year on your utility payments.  Incentives make this investment even more attractive.

We will walk you through the process of installing solar by:
- performing a site analysis to determine the suitability of your property
- designing a system for long life and good return on investment
- connecting you with financing options
- installing the solar panels, inverters, meters, and other equipment compliant with the National Electrical Code
- answering all your questions with respect and clarity
- providing ongoing maintenance to keep your investment in optimal condition.

Mr. Brian Thomas is the lead electrical engineer at Village Energy. He has over 20 years of engineering experience and is a Senior Lecturer at Baylor University's department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Furthermore, he is currently pursuing certification as a NABCEP PV Installer, the "gold standard" certification for solar installations. This certification is more specialized than a standard Electrical Contractor's License and helps you to trust that your solar investment will be made with excellence and professionalism. 

*Based on a conservative estimate of $6/W increase and average installation size of 3,100 W in California from 2009-2010. Read the report summary here.

The National Renewable Energy Lab reports the average cost to install solar in 2010 was $7.17/W.  Savings calculation based on $0.11/kWh from utility.