Preserve, Protect, and Enhance Our Lakes and Waterways

"In the end, we conserve only what we love,
We love only what we understand, and
We understand only what we are taught."
- Babe Dioum, Sengalese Poet

VCLRA is an information, education network that helps Lake Associations and Individual Citizens make wise decisions in their efforts to PRESERVE and PROTECT the unique waterways of Vilas County, now and well into the future.

JOIN VCLRA today! You will receive our Newsletter and you may participate in our yearly Lakes Day at the Conserve School near Land O'Lakes. Both of these resources will update you on current lake and river issues and future educational events. Learn how to take an active role in preventing Aquatic Invasive Species, preserving wild Shorelines, managing piers, saving loons and maintaining clean, unpolluted water.

Vilas County Lake and Rivers Association
P.O. Box 494
Eagle River, WI 54521-0494
Mission Statement

The purpose of the Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association is to educate, communicate, and promote cooperation among organizations, individuals, governmental bodies and the general public of Vilas county; and to preserve, protect, and enhance our lakes and waterways for present and future generations.