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Vilangudi is a small village about 11 kilometers from the famous Uppiliappan Koil and about 15 kilometers to the east from Kumbakonam Railway Station.

Getting There: The local administration operates buses (Bus Number 15 and 23) from the Kumbakonam Town Bus Stand upto Ammangudi village - home to the famous Durga temple. Vilangudi village is within 1 km distance from Ammangudi. A number of Private buses also ply on this route. There is a good motor-able road to the village and vehicles can go upto the temple premises. Cars and Taxis are available for hire from Kumbakonam. The journey from Kumbakonam to Vilangudi village takes about 30 to 40 minutes by car.

The Village: A typical Thanjavur village, it has a couple of streets and a few temples. The primary temple is that of Sridevi Bhudevi Samedha Venkataramana Swamy, with Uthsava Vigrahams Sri Radha, Rukmini Samedha Kalinganardhana Krishnan. There are also Sivan, Pillaiyar, Ayyanar, Mariamman temples in the village.

The Mariamman temple is at the entrance of the village on the west and after a furlong away the Pillaiyar temple on the side of the road and a couple of hundred yards away lies the Venkataramana Swamy temple. Further down the road almost to the end of the village and the point where the fields begin, is the Sivan temple. The Ayyanar temple is to the left of the Venkataramana Swamy temple, in the middle of paddy fields.

Once upon a time, the village used to be a thriving village with many a families making it their place of residence. However with the passage of time and the lure of better prospects, people have migrated away from the village. However the village comes alive during festivals and other religious occasions. This is especially so during the Radha Kalyanam which is performed during the month of Margazhi (Dec-Jan). During this time the entire village transforms into a bustling, colorful place as the people who have their origins in Vilangudi come together to celebrate the Divine Wedding of Radha and Krishna.

2013 Radha Kalyanam Schedule

All the monthly "Mandagapadi" in the Venkataramana Swamy temple like Akshaya Thrithiya, Gokulashtami with Uriyadi, Sri Ramanavami, Vasantha Navarathiri, Deepavali, Karthigai, Sankranti, Ekadasi and Sravanam are done with Abishega Archana by various families every year. In Sivan temple also all the mandagapadi are done with the help of well wishers. At Iyyanar temple and Mariyamman temple, the famous Thirunal is celebarated by the villagers in the tamil month of Adi with "Swamy purapadu", and ends with Natakam.

Currently the organizers for the temple activities have made a lot of facilities available to devotees to ensure a comfortable stay. There are living rooms with RCC roofing, besides full fledged madapuli with gas stove, a big dining hall, spacious kitchen, several bath rooms and toilets with 24 hrs power and water supply.

Today, Vilangudi is a wonderful village with not only people who are a native of the village, but other devotees also gathering in large number for all activities.

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