American English Pronunciation

---excellent resource for advanced level---video intro to all the sounds of English


---"Word stress exercises.ESL Tips for Teaching Pronunciation.Pronunciation Exercises & Activities.Spelling & Pronunciation.

Pronunciation for Young Learners. Pronunciation Lesson Plans.Pronunciation Worksheets.Minimal Pairs handouts.

Intonation.Drills,Chants,Rhymes & TongueTwisters."

Sounds good, but is slightly haphazard, non-interactive & truly for students who've had previous instruction in pronunciation.
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---"watch a video, and learn how to spell a sound, the sound type, proper mouth position.
You will practice pronouncing this sound and take a test"; curious site;
American pronunciation


---"free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation"; search for your word within the currently 160198 entries in the dictionary.

---more info at


---US English---40 sounds very well examined

---more info

Minimal Pairs

---still (created 2001) a great minimal pairs site; 24 pairs; American pronunciation.

Pronunciation tips

---The sounds of English
There is a system of symbols for writing the sounds of English.
We have a guide to these symbols
and also videos to show how to pronounce each of the sounds.
There are also activities to practise identifying the difference between certain sounds which may sound similar.
Features of English
Information about different elements of English pronunciation.
There are also interactive and downloadable exercises to help you build your understanding of these areas.
Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of and help you learn about English pronunciation."
And, as always, a BBC site is always the acme of its field.
A very good beginner with an interest in pronunciation could cope, otherwise this is for intermediate pupils.

Rhyming Words

---this pronunciation site only considers rhyming words; clear & easy to use; available in US & UK formats.

---more info

Ship or Sheep

---29 minimal pairs, cute pix & great sound; based on an excellent textbook.

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---US English...only 5 minimal pairs, plus a tongue twister & greetings...but well done