---186 dialogs for listening only; no menu so scroll away; too good a resource to be ignored; intermediate plus

---more info

 Conversation Bot

---after listening to a set conversation you can practise "Speaking" English with an Online Robot.
2,000+ ESL/EFL conversations on different topics.

---more info

 Easy Conversations

---Daily Life.School Life.Transportation.Health.Entertainment.Dating.At the Restaurant.Sports.Safety.Travel.Jobs.Food.Shopping.Housing.Elections: within these categories the very good beginner plus will find numerous conversations to listen to.

---more info


---"English Listening Lesson Library Online - Learn English Naturally - Videos : Audio : Quizzes : Vocabulary"; still a great ESL
multimedia site,
flawed through lacking a searchable menu, yet how can you ignore a site that provides thousands of videos
with attendant workpages? Intermediate.

---more info

English Central!/index/all/all/trending/0

---"Learn English using thousands of the most engaging videos on the web presented with text transcriptions

and word definitions.

Choose a Video Course designed for Business, Social, Travel, English Proficiency Exams, English Pronunciation and more.

Master over 20,000 words using a unique video based vocabulary training tool. Improve your pronunciation and speaking fluency

using our unique interactive speech assessment technology." Major promises for advanced & computer savvy learners. Registration is essential but safe.

Great site indeed.

---more info

English Listening

"How does English Listening work?

With a paid subscription you log in anytime, anywhere to listen to the audio you choose. We have over 550 recordings at many levels with many different speakers and speeds. We have recordings with American, British and International accents. All recordings have transcripts and scored tests. You can use filters to find the recording that you will enjoy at the level that is right for you."

Choose one of the 12 passages shown in Explore---you can pay to get more---& the passage will appear in the yellowish LISTEN window.
Do not select anything in Topics or in Change the list, for that will take you into the paying(subscription area).
Very ambitious material for intermediate plus.

English Listening Exercise

---21 topics each with 4 exercises to aid listening comprehension; very good beginners plus.

---more info

English Media Lab

---English Media Lab features Several ESL Exercises Online. We have an English TV Section with Videos by Levels - Beginner Videos,
Elementary & High Level Videos. We also provide Interactive Online Quizzesto practice & reinforce Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation Skills.
The new feature on this site is the Interactive Games section. To make your online English learning more fun, we have provided a wide variety of
ESL/EFL interactive Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Classroom Games alongside several Puzzles - Crossword Puzzles,
Word Search Activities, Cloze Exercises & More.
There is a section completely dedicated to Adults - Business English, Survival English,
Idioms, Intermediate & Advanced Level Quizzes.

---careful! This site might drive you mad! Do not search outside the listening area or you will get lost.I don't think there's

a site with more material than this one. Do a Custom Search at the top of the page if you know what you want.

Otherwise the interactive listening page is divided thus:

ESL Business & Survival English Listening Exercise      Communicative Expressions          Listening Memory Games-Vocabulary                       

Interactive Quizzes By Levels      Interactive Crossword Puzzles             Interactive Cloze Exercises       

ESL TV - Videos By Levels          Games for Classrooms             Adult Learners' Exercises

You can criticize the layout of this page & its distracting links but the amount of resources is almost overwhelming. For all levels.

English-Online Videos

---11 unusual video lessons, idiom-based; try only Beginners English Course & be warned that navigation is a nightmare;

curious videos for very good beginners

Video tutorial - watch, look and see
Video tutorial - make, and do
Video tutorial - speak, say and tell
Video tutorial - body language (the face)
Video tutorial - gestures
Video tutorial - How do I...?
Video tutorial - How do I...Throw a party?
Video tutorial - Showing strong emotions.
Video tutorial - In the gym
Video tutorial - On the beach
Video tutorial - Doing the housework

---more info


---HOME is the button to push to navigate this site. Once you are aware of this,, although large, will be very easy to use. And stick to the central menu. This is one of the best listening sites which has improved with age.There are 6 different types of quiz; for very good beginners plus.

---more info


---4 levels, 4 listening passages in each level, almost all passages are conversations/dialogs. Navigation is puzzling & Elementary means very good beginners. If you can get past the rampant advertising, you'll find a very solid site with comprehension exercises; & stick to

the Listening page menu if you can.

---more info     

ESL Video      


 ---a fine selection of hundreds of videos created for ESL students at 4 levels. Each video has at least a panel of comprehension questions;

some have a transcript while some also have a summary.

The quality overall is admirable. There is no index, unfortunately, so you must do a

Google Custom Search within the Related videos section that follows each video. An excellent resource for intermediate




---"Reduce your accent, speak more naturally, and understand conversational speech.

EZSlang is designed to help you reach these goals rather than sounding like an English textbook .

Enjoy!" Intermediate students will enjoy one of the following~study abroad, travel, making friends, distance education,

job hunting, making money, dating & romance, budget hotels & reservations.



"Learning English as a second language (ESL) is not always easy, but it should be fun. 5 Minute English has been designed

to give you short and easy explanations and exercises."

This site contains about 18 listening topics, the majority of which do have an audio component; the ones with

missing audio are still useful as reading-based comprehension activities.

Each topic---there's no index---has a glossary, a script & a true/false comprehension section.

Recommended for intermediate & advanced.

Hugo Video

---please take a look: you'll either love it or hate it; 370 videos presented in a mind-numbing manner, orally & visually,
yet how to ignore (even without an index); curious?
Almost unique.

---more info


"437 Listenings: 9-Page Handouts & Online Quizzes.One minute a day is all you need to improve your listening skills.

Focus on new words, grammar and pronunciation in these short texts.Doing the online activities, discussion,

survey and writing will help."

Intermediate plus.

---more info

Patsula: Men & Women

   ---click Sound...enter with an open mind  



---"the Web's only(?) online ESL site that utilizes authentic and natural ESL videos of people speaking real English

on streets across the globe. Designed for individuals learning English, as well as for teachers and institutions,

Real English® offers unique ESL lessons, rendering the spontaneity of normal (fast) speech understandable for all levels of students. No need to sign in.

The lessons are all free and free-access. " A chaotic construction but, for example, "here's a list of the videos which include lessons.

Each lesson includes 1 to 35 exercises. The average is a dozen exercises per video. First we try to teach, and at the end we test."

---more info

Speak English
---"Speak English! offers a wide range of materials to help you learn English. Pick up some basic phrases, expand your
Any student wanting to listen to brief snatches of English will benefit from this site arranged by topic,
although intermediate plus will benefit most.
Unfortunately, this is a barebones site in that there is no glossary of terms & no activities.
Recommended as a quick listening refresher only.

Super Easy Reading

---200 tales to read & listen to

---more info


---now here's a super site for those who want more listening & conversation. The dialogs/conversations

are no frills, American, but entirely suitable. And they work with just one click.

This is not the best site of its type, but gee it's comprehensive.Don't forget to work through the speaking

as well as the listening lessons. Very good beginners plus.

---more info


---living issues, magazine format, heavily focused on work. An excellent Canadian literacy resource.
It qualifies as a listening site because every word, sentence, paragraph is read for you;
intermediate plus will benefit most
from this series---a pity as its dynamism should be experienced by all.

TPR Exercises

---based on the Total Physical Response language teaching method.

The author would like " to emphasise...that all the actions in the exercises should be physically DONE  first.
(There is no sense in letting a student  click-click-click with a computer mouse without the experience of
the physical action... the exercises should not be a surprise of something new, but a surprise of recognition!" " )
The five lessons are basic commands, for very good beginners on, plus for anyone interested in this method.

---more info