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200 GAMES!
As this is National Geographic you know it's better than good, & you know the games have an educational focus.
And not to forget that the environment features very strongly in this collection for all levels of English competence.
The categories---action games, interactive adventures, geography games, puzzles & quizzes, Iggy Arbuckle games ,
 zipper games & more games.
advanced learners with advanced gaming skills.


---"Hi! I'm Bart and I design games! I'm a Belgian independent game designer updating you on my own bonte games (look left!)

and bringing you links to the newest interesting web games (look down!)."

These quite cerebral games for very experienced gamers all have an educational focus.

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---"free interactive online games and activities; will help students with their vocabulary, spelling, grammar;

all of these games, puzzles and activities have been designed to help students studying English as a foreign or second language".

From good beginners onwards. 

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---10 games, varying in level/difficulty; 3 are multiplayer


---"Here you will find 13 English vocabulary games for kids and ESL students: Hangman, Memory matching games,

Drag & Drop games, Hidden object games."

Beginners plus. Good effort.


40 games written for the intermediate English learner----it does help if you have played electronic interactive
games previously;
this "dead" site just might have the best language game you've ever found.


Games For Change

---115 games with a conscience: human rights, poverty, environment, conflict, etc excellent games & excellent motives;

for advanced gamers


---"for students of English as a foreign language as a resource to study or review language"; 27 games, various levels

 I-SPY Mazes

---interactive fun revision maze game covering a few very basic units...colors, times, numbers, food, animals: for beginners


---basic beginners revise animals, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, time, subtraction.

Learnenglish: Kids

---British Council presents "lots of free online games, songs, stories and activities for children to have fun and learn English too."

British Council, like BBC, means quality, so go to it.

Learning Game

---Five games, all grammar & vocabulary based, but using typical gameplaying instructions.

So, while this site is for advancing beginners, non-gameplayers will need assistance in how to play.

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Maggie's Language Arts Games

---7 games for all, mainly for intermediate level

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Marksenglishschool games

---navigation variable, but the games are popular


Memory Matching game

---for people who like memory/matching games, about 20 of these should feed your obsession; any level.

Nobel Prize Games

---"You don't have to be a genius to understand the work of the Nobel Laureates.
These games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, will teach and inspire you
 while you're having FUN!"
This is serious, quality & very educational gaming, folks. For advanced students who have a strong scientific leaning.
Not each topic has a game, but that shouldn't dissuade the curious.

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Primary Games

---3 pages of what the site calls reading games; arcade-style games; intermediate level, most likely for experienced gamers.

Professorgarfield ReadingRing

---a fantastic reading-based game for intermediate: no holds barred.

ProProf Brain Games

---26 brain training games. Useful for anyone, even raw beginners (provided they are given some assistance). Visual & aural stimulation guaranteed. Easy to navigate & instructions are minimal but spot on. And no pesky ads.

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 Seek the game

---match the falling letters


---"To create or edit your story, drag characters and props from the scrolling area on the right.

You can resize and rotate things and add your own text to some things. Use the background artwork to change the location of your story.

You can create up to 14 pages which you can re-order or delete by clicking the "pages" button. When you're ready, just click the "send" button and

follow the instructions. If you get stuck, click the "help" button — it will show you some handy tricks as well. Have fun!"

Essentially a comic creator site for advanced students. And there are 5 more story challenges if you click Get More Tell-a-Story.

 Teach-nology Games

---'Whether you're looking to use games for educational purposes or just looking for some fun, we have you covered!

We constantly add new games. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming console? Our games are totally free!"

For all levels, though gaming experience would help. Look through Educational Games & The Animated Arcade.

tvokids Games

---108+mixed educationally focused games
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Word Classes

---perhaps for intermediate, surely for advanced; explore English via
World Language Map, Timeline of the English Language,

Naming Nouns,Adjective Detective,Match the Eponyms,Borrowing Words,Idioms Game,Word classes jigsaw.

An attempt to show ESL learners how & why there is this language named English.

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