---great graphics, great alphabet revision

---more info


---" alphabetical order, upper-case and lower-case letters, counting numbers, connect the dots, numerical order, shapes,
addition, e-storybooks

---more info

 Adele's ESL Corner

---a simple site that works simply very very well. Grammar, Listening, Vocabulary & Reading.There is an intermediate level but
best to enjoy the beginner bits.

 Alphabet 3 times

---3 short revision games


---word games, quizzes, songs, printable worksheets; difficult to navigate,
     but is worth
the effort

---more info

 BBC: Digger & the Gang

---3-part interactive story for good beginners; try the Maths & Science 3-pasters also. BBC=great stuff

 BBC: Little Animals Activity Center

---another BBC site which, though child-centered, can reward adults

 BBC: Tweenies

---learning English-language songs can be fun even for basic beginners

 BBC: wordsandpictures

---basics with fun; designed for children but suitable for adult viewing(!)


Bitesize Games

---phonics, spelling, rhyming, alphabet, pronouns,joining words, similar meanings, punctuation, making sentences. BBC.


Body Parts

---as easy as it gets; visually outstanding

---more info

 Color Color

---read & apply your knowledge of colors


---vocab practice & revision; bilingual too

 Draw me, draw you

---draw yourself & write a description & even print your masterpiece

---more info

---vocab practice with audio at Vocabulary; old technology, can be difficult to navigate, limited & odd selection of material,

BUT it's good for the real beginner.

---more info


Eslkidslab Videos

---choose from Easy, Medium or Hard videos

---more info


---The content is really exemplary, bright, cheerful, some audio, interactive. Truly, a must for beginners.
Please navigate only from the menu in the body of the page, NOT from the top bar menu.

---more info


---lots of revision, mostly basic

 Goodnight Stories

---brief but exemplary rebus-style stories(5) for real beginners


Hugo Video

---please take a look: you'll either love it or hate it; 370 videos presented in a mind-numbing manner, orally & visually,

yet how to ignore(even without an index); curious?

---more info

 I can read

---& listen & find the right word too; a very simple idea executed so well

---more info



---17 multiple choice topic based vocab revision




---basic beginners revise animals, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, time, subtraction. 11 basic, simple

but effective games

---more info



---44 stories,3 levels,though they are really all for beginners. There is a progression through the three levels, but the topics remain

child-centered. One of the best story sites available; navigation point--click only Read The Story.

---more info at

 Learning Game

---Five games, all grammar & vocabulary based, but using typical gameplaying instructions.So, while this site is for advancing beginners,

non-gameplayers will need assistance in how to play.

---more info 


---20 stories, some on the odd side; pity only 7 have sound.
The games & the videos are equally odd. Maybe that's why this site is still worth considering for the real beginner.



---"Literactive is the leading(?)provider of reading material for pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 students available online.

The program is comprised of carefully levelled guided readers, comprehensive phonic activities and a wealth of supplemental

reading material which gradually develop a child's reading skills in a sequential and enjoyable manner."

From A to Z & more: stories, activities, phonics.


---"The Literacy Center Education Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to deliver free, professionally-designed,

education material to preschool-age children." Letters, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Words, Writing, Keyboard~wonderful,

as good & as easy as possible for an absolute beginner.

 Match my lower case

---a simple matching game, lower case English letters with capitals.



Online picture dictionary

---beautifully presented visual dictionary so mainly for beginners. Alphabet order is not a strong point

  as it only exists within the 10 topics, & then only as part of random subtopics.

And there is sound, but low quality sound.

---more info


Paulysplayhouse alphabet

---one page, one idea: look & listen to the alphabet.


PBSkids: lions games

---a selection of games for good beginners plus. Some of them are so good, others not at all. See which ones suit you.



---very fine site wherein you can check out a limited selection of words either by first letter or by 15 categories.
Although the words are not defined,
their meaning is as clear as the illustrations~~~& then the 5 different exercises!


Phunni Phonics

This is one wacky website. Phonics with a punch! A brief but very entertaining site dealing with letters & blends.
Probably fun for anyone,
but remember that it's not a comprehensive treatment of all the sounds of English.

--more info at


---listen & then match the picture to its beginning letter sound, to its short vowel sound & to its long vowel sound.

Solid site for good beginners.


 Prepositions in English

---prepositions of place & time; visuals help, but the content is for the better beginner.

Preschool & kindergarten

--a great site for raw beginners;
a wonderful audiovisual experience to reinforce what the newcomer might have met before,

&/or a memorable intro for the absolute newcomer; easy to navigate.


Primary Games

---26 very visual arcade style learning games 


Roythezebra literacy games

---so many revision literacy games to choose


Seek the game

---match the letters, quickly, quickly

 Starfall: comprehension & phonics

---play with some very basic words



---pre-school site that might please an adult 


Study Zone Vocab

---"learn and practice common words. Click on a topic to see the lessons and exercises. Click on the lesson to begin."
Animals, Clothes, Food, Furniture, Home Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, School & Office---very good if limited material.

Super Easy Reading

---200 stories to keep you occupied, each with 4 different types of comprehension activities.

---more info


Teacher.scholastic: Building Language & literacy

---a great resource from a very old publisher.
Based on the latest research on early literacy development,

Building Language for Literacy features original language-loving characters who inspire and motivate learning.

Early Reading, Oral Language Development, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Word Recognition, Listening and Speaking, Vocabulary, Communities and Ways of

Life, Early Reading,Following Directions, Songs and Rhymes,Sorting, Animal Stories,Phonemic Awareness, Social Studies, Listening and Speaking,

Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary."

 The Hoobs Teach

The best of this site is at the left sidebar menu: each category there  has its own menu.
Believe, the presentations within these categories are up there with the best!
Yep, that good.(Unless child focused work scares you. Sorry. about that.)
Beginners, hop to it.

---more info

 Topics:ESL For Beginners

---Victoria government site that does some very basic things very basically,
 although some quirky activities do pop up to keep you interested.
Designed for school use but works as a good Australian tool for all real beginners.


---this site exists, so just use it or don't; it is a very good site for absolute beginners regarding vocabulary;

it provides an intro, a writing test & a listening test to a very limited range of basic vocab. 


Where is Raymond? Prepositions  

---learn prepositions of place by finding Raymond!!!???



---This very good product from Houghton Mifflin is focused on the nuts & bolts of English.

It provides a variety of activities that deal with phonics, spelling, pronunciation, word construction, vocabulary. It obviously becomes more difficult as it progresses through the grades.

Navigation cannot be faulted. 184 activities await the keen student. Highly recommended for advancing beginners onwards.

---more info at